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HeadquartersSouth Korea
One of the top 10 Asian International Universities

Yeungnam University is a private research university and, located in Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang, South Korea. The university's predecessors, Taegu College and Chunggu College, were founded in Daegu in 1947 and 1950 respectively. In 1967, the two colleges merged by President Park Chung-hee to form the degree-granting Yeungnam University. In 1972, the university's new main campus opened in Gyeongsan east of Daegu. The university includes colleges of Law and Medicine and a teaching hospital.

In 1996, Yeungnam University is approved as an Excellent University in Undergraduate and Graduate Schools, and also as the "Best University" in the fields of business and International Trade, by the Korean University Education Committee. In 1997, Yeungnam University was chosen as a "Government-Sponsored Program for Science Education" in the area of basic science and laboratory education and selected as the supervising university for the model Technopark Project. Following the year Yeungnam University was chosen as a Supervising University in Machinery field and as an Attending University in Information Technology field for the program of rearing local universities in the Brain Korea Project as well as the university was selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology as Research Information Center for Textiles and Apparel Science.

In the year 2000, Yeungnam University established the graduate department of Architectural Design, Multimedia Communications, Bio-technology and graduate departments of Sino-Korean and Textile Engineering in Doctor's degree. In 2001 University changed the School of Commerce and Economics to the Schools of Finance and Business with the School of Finance and Economics and the School of International Economics and Business. In 2003 the Graduate School of Clinical Pharmacy approved, starting with the graduate department of Clinical Pharmacy. The establishment of the Graduate School of Sports Science approved, starting with the graduate department of Sports Science.

Research Programs

Brain Korea (BK21) Program

The Research Manpower Development Center for Mechanical Part Industry, which was initiated and is supported by the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development as the second phase of Brain Korea 21(BK21), plays an important role of specializing and enhancing the research capacity of regional graduate schools, thereby tries to develop regional R&D personnel clusters in local industry. The School of Display and Chemical Engineering(DsChE) and The Department of Information and Communication Engineering at Yeungnam University has been selected as one of the second phase BK21 (Brain Korea 21) programs in the Chemical Engineering and Telecommunication areas respectively, which was supposed to educate the graduate students to provide the creative research resources for the regional IT industries. The DsChE is also going to navigate its program intentionally to construct the prototype industry-university cooperation system by benchmarking Kyushu University in Japan. Due to the selection of the chemical engineering program of the BK21 regional program in Daegu/Gyeongbuk area in 2006 the DsChE has become the only chemical engineering department to perform the ABEEK program, NURI program, and the BK21 program in the nation simultaneously, and for this many foreign students from various countries like Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam receive scholarship and join in the laboratory like PSDC into the chemical engineering and WINLAB into the Information and Communication Engineering department to pursue their research and higher study.[1]

NURI Program

The main purpose of NURI or New University for regional innovation program is to train specialists of embedded technology to lead ubiquitous era and contribute regional economics combining practical ability with international competitiveness. School of Materials Science and Engineering of Yeungnam University receives 1.3 million dollars annually to enhance the quality of teaching and learning environment for undergraduate students to provide materials engineers to regional materials and devices industries under Association of Human Resources Initiative for Advanced Materials and Devices(AHRIAMD) which is supported by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development through the New University for Regional Innovation (NURI) program. The School of Display and Chemical Engineering(DsChE) at Yeungnam University was selected as one of the participating institutions of NURI (New University for Regional Innovation) program sponsored strategically by the Korean Ministry of Education and Human Resources. The DsChE aims at educating and cultivating chemical engineers specifically suited for regional display industry. The school's mission shifted from the conventional petrochemical industry oriented education to the new display and IT industry oriented education, to achieve the goals set for the NURI program.[2]

Polymer Gel Research Cluster Center

The Polymer Gel Research Cluster Center (PGRC) at Yeungnam University is a project to be executed for nine years for establishing a new material R&D cluster for fusion, type high, tech organic polymer gel in Gyeongsangbuk, do as one of “local R&D cluster projects” with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.[3]


The Regional Innovation Center(RIC) for Wi-Media was started the part of Wireless Multi Media System Technology. The RIC set up an industry-University research institute cooperative systems to provide support to technology foundation and technology innovation for IT industry cluster at Daegu-Gyeongbuk. A strong regional base provides opportunities for ideas and products to springboard beyond the region.[4]


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