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Member ofInstitute for Statecraft, Institute for Statecraft/Tor team, Integrity Initiative

Yusuf Desaiis a member of the Institute for Statecraft.

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“I would very strongly recommend review of current Green Paper plans and strategies to address social cohesion in order to combat UK and global radicalization issues and threats to state security. There is little precedent for the scale of action needed over the next decade. The dangers are clear and immediate to those who are involved in safeguarding life and limb and wellbeing of British society.”
Yusuf Desai (2018) [citation needed]


A Document by Yusuf Desai

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Yusuf Desai: Response to Government Green PaperWikispooks Page4 June 2018Islam
Social cohesion initiative
Government intervention
A need to inspect and enforce creation of modern Islamic literature to address the key issues


  1. Document:Yusuf Desai: Response to Government Green Paper

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