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A Zero sum game is mathematically defined by the rule: "What I win, is what you loose" - or the other way round. Zero sum games put the players in competition against each other. They are creating a dichotomy of "either-or" to the exclusion of "both win", or "both loose".

Selected Examples

  • Chess
  • Monopoly
  • Poker

Non-zero sum game

  • Olympics


Related Quotation

Money/Creation“Generally speaking the zero sum game promotes conflict. Conflicting parties need money to stand competition (in the extreme case: fight a war) in order to maintain their positive balance position. The only regulatory principle to limit the promotion of violence in all shapes and colors is the monetary monopoly's need to manage risk. Fatally, the risk taken by banks is distorted by the doctrine that the monetary monopoly as a whole may not fail. This so called Moral Hazard caused by public bailouts encourages investments in exploitation and war. What really trickles down is violence, not wealth.”'Smithy'
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