Bad Nenndorf

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Place.png Bad Nenndorf
(Torture centre, Black site)
LocationsLower Saxony, Germany,
Small town in Lower Saxony, Germany, home to a British torture centre in the years after WW2. Covered-up by British "investigation".

Bad Nenndorf is a small town in Lower Saxony, Germany. It was home to a British Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centre (CSDIC), which operated from June 1945 to July 1947. The interrogations of persons-of-interest were conducted with extensive use of torture.[1]


When mistreatment of detainees by British troops where exposed, it resulted in a British police investigation, a public controversy in both Britain and Germany and the camp's eventual closure. Four of the camp's officers were brought before courts-martial in 1948. Just one, the prison doctor, was convicted on a charge of neglect. The remainder were cleared of "disgraceful conduct of a cruel kind".[2]


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