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6 May 2021

     07:41  The Deep State Blog diffhist -488 Terje talk contribs tidy links
     07:35  Robert J. Hanks diffhist +949 Terje talk contribs unstub
     06:42  (Upload log)[Terje‎ (3×)]
06:42 Terje talk contribs uploaded File:Robert j hanks.png
06:34 Terje talk contribs uploaded File:Sr. Gladwyn Jebb.jpg
00:18 Terje talk contribs uploaded File:Brennan Navalny tweet.png
 m   06:35  Gladwyn Jebb diffhist +28 Terje talk contribs add image
     00:23  Alexei Navalny diffhist +211 Terje talk contribs Brennan tweet
     00:04  COVID-19/Premature death diffhist +634 Terje talk contribs 13 current high-ranking African politicians have died there with or from “COVID-19”

5 May 2021

N    23:47  Clinton body count? diffhist +31 Terje talk contribs Redirected page to Clinton body count Tag: New redirect
     19:03  Catholic Church diffhist +1,563 Sunvalley talk contribs Land ownership
     18:04  Assassination diffhist -750 Sunvalley talk contribs adjusting citations
     18:02  Andrew Carnegie diffhist +807 Sunvalley talk contribs cnn money quote
N    18:02  Striking diffhist +19 Sunvalley talk contribs Redirected page to Strike Tag: New redirect
     16:39  Sexual blackmail diffhist +24 Urban talk contribs |constitutes=blackmail, statecraft, sociopathy
     16:36  VIPaedophile‎‎ 2 changes history+98[Urban‎ (2×)]
16:36 (cur | prev) +22 Urban talk contribs changed from {event} to {concept}|constitutes=Sociopathy, Pedophocracy, sexual blackmail, Ritual abuse, Mind control/Child Abuse
15:28 (cur | prev) +76 Urban talk contribs |constitutes=Psychopathy, Sociopathy, Pedophocracy, Mind control/Child Abuse
     16:20  Ritual abuse diffhist +26 Urban talk contribs |constitutes=satanism, mind control, Mind control/Child Abuse
     16:15  Cult diffhist +18 Urban talk contribs |constitutes=ideological system
     16:14  Extreme Abuse Surveys diffhist +38 Urban talk contribs |constitutes=Mind control/Child Abuse
     15:59  The Pedophocracy diffhist +34 Urban talk contribs |constitutes = Social control, statecraft, sexual blackmail, Mind control/Child Abuse, Psychopathy/Psychopathy and heredity
     15:53  Artificial intelligence‎‎ 4 changes history+763[Urban‎ (4×)]
15:53 (cur | prev) +9 Urban talk contribs
13:16 (cur | prev) +10 Urban talk contribs →‎Forced conformity
13:15 (cur | prev) +61 Urban talk contribs →‎Forced conformity: +link to Asch experiments
10:19 (cur | prev) +683 Urban talk contribs Forced conformity
 m   15:41  Jeremy Corbyn diffhist +2,915 Patrick Haseldine talk contribs
 m   15:30  Mind control/Child Abuse diffhist +11 Urban talk contribs →‎Poisonous pedagogy
     14:07  Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group diffhist +2,235 Terje talk contribs add document excerpt
 m   13:16  Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars/Director diffhist +325 Terje talk contribs earlier directors
 m   13:05  National Emergencies Act diffhist +22 Urban talk contribs Disaster/Preparation
 m   13:02  The Road To 9-11 diffhist +22 Urban talk contribs Disaster/Preparation
     12:06  Brainwashing‎‎ 4 changes history+2,611[Urban‎ (4×)]
12:06 (cur | prev) +205 Urban talk contribs →‎Ineffective nature?: ref Collin Ross
11:56 (cur | prev) +17 Urban talk contribs →‎Mind control research: hypnosis
11:53 (cur | prev) -1 Urban talk contribs Coercive Persuasion
11:51 (cur | prev) +2,390 Urban talk contribs , deception and abuse of soft power techniques in a coercive manner.
     11:09  Cushrow Irani diffhist +901 Terje talk contribs a bit short, but - unstub
     10:38  Robert Jay Lifton diffhist +479 Urban talk contribs had a high CIA security clearance
N    10:27  MITRE diffhist +30 Terje talk contribs Redirected page to Mitre Corporation Tag: New redirect
     10:25  Robert Hare diffhist +18 Urban talk contribs |constitutes=academic, author, psychologist
     10:24  Soft power diffhist +26 Urban talk contribs |constitutes=social control, manipulation, statecraft
N    10:21  Psychopathy/Pedophilia diffhist +29 Urban talk contribs Redirected page to The Pedophocracy Tag: New redirect
 m   09:58  Elsagate diffhist +73 Urban talk contribs , which reflect psychopathic and pedophile traits.
     09:53  Social engineering diffhist +12 Urban talk contribs |constitutes=social control, Soft power
     09:51  Social control diffhist +46 Urban talk contribs |constitutes=statecraft, Soft power, Mind control, Social engineering
     09:46  Continuity of Government diffhist +22 Urban talk contribs |constitutes=deception, statecraft, Orwellian language, Disaster/Preparation
     09:39  Psychopathy diffhist +222 Urban talk contribs Negative_reinforcement as manipulation tactic
     08:46  Eastern Europe diffhist +851 Terje talk contribs map,etc
 m   08:24  Rudi Dekkers diffhist -2 Jun talk contribs typos
 m   08:12  Rian van Rijbroek diffhist +276 Jun talk contribs added more sources for strange coincidences.
 m   08:09  Netherlands/Deep state diffhist +434 Jun talk contribs Added 9-11 link, removed one name.
     07:57 Upload log Terje talk contribs uploaded File:D17d110dcc23ca847b5b3d9aa8ec4ef9.jpg