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This Wikispooks FAQ is intended particularly for readers. Editors are directed to the to do or project pages.

What is this site?

The Bilderberg has been arranged annual, invitation only conferences, since 1954, which are less secret than they used to be; all 3083 participants have their own page, and most conference reports are now available for download here.

Wikispooks was set up initially as a leak site[1] with wiki functionality. It turned out that so much information is already publicly available, the more important function is the wiki aspect (notably missing from Wikileaks)[2]. The site closed the anonymous submissions facility in January 2017. The site is not for leaking documents. It is a wiki used to try to organise and analyse information already in the public domain.

What information is here?

Le Cercle is a smaller and more secretive deep state milieu than the Bilderberg, with more connections to the business and politics of "counter-terror".

The site focuses on deep politics, especially the post-WW2 evolution of the US deep state and subsequent formation of the Supranational Deep State. Deep states, structural deep events and deep state milieux are a particular focus. The site policy is to focus on inference from primary sources wherever possible, which inevitably presents a challenge in this poorly documented area. 191 whistleblowers have pages on the site, several of whom have leaked primary documents.

Certain leaks have publicly exposed some workings of the larger deep state milieux, such as all the guest lists to all the Bilderberg meetings, which have allowed us to make a page for each of the 3083 known Bilderbergers. The much less exposed group, Le Cercle, has only 317 past and present member pages. Certain leaks, such as the Integrity Initiative leak have been well documented here, reflecting the freely available primary material. The site has both primary data and third party commentaries[3], which are prefixed Document: to show that they are not edited. As a wiki, the remaining pages are subject to change, and were often the joint product of many editors over many years.

There is a lot information on false flag attacks such as 9/11 or Operation Gladio and the so-called "war on terror". 32 deep states have their own pages, as well as the supranational Deep State. These pages incorporate deep political scholarship,[4] but also represent a synthesis of material from the site. Some of the better developed pages are those about the Dutch, UK & Dutch deep states.

Reflecting the current editorship, the site has a particular emphasis on anglophone countries, especially UK and USA. About round 34.5% of this site's pages.are stubs, with little content, so the random article is hit and miss. For a quick list of some of our best material, see the list of pages with the most edits.

How many pages/images/users/readers/etc. does it have?

Live readership data is publicly available from the online stats page. Site statistics are available from the Special:Statistics page, and were monitored by Wikiapiary- although had this ceased operations by December 2019, archives should be available.[5]

Is it based on Wikipedia?

Yes (we use the same software, Mediawiki) and no (it's configured differently and has different content). Although one or two pages here have imported material directly from Wikipedia, the vast majority of material you will not find on Wikipedia (and vice versa, of course - this site has only 32,578 pages).

Is this site censored?

If you can access the site from your nation state, then it seems not:-) If you saw information here which is no longer available, that is probably because, as a wiki, pages evolve over time. However, all our pages have complete histories,[6] which — unlike Wikipedia — are not subject to censorship.

DNS Censorship

In case of DNS/Domain censorship, the site can still be reached via it's IP, currently: -> enter it like this in your browser: (you will probably have to make an exception for the SSL certificate). Please also check Wikispooks Telegram and other social media for updates then.

Why is there not more about party politics?... The site is about deep politics, as opposed to shallow politics. Wikispooks' contention is that party politics is more or less a distraction from the real business of statecraft, where decisions are taken behind closed doors by those at pains to hide their faces and real agendas.

Why is there nothing about «topic X»?

The material on the site reflects the interests of our editors. Wikispooks has 32,578 pages, as compared to Wikipedia's millions, so the site is inevitably patchy. Unlike Wikipedia, which is censored, our omissions result from a simple lack of editors. If you're knowledgeable about a particular topic and wish to share your knowledge for the common good without fear or favour, you are welcome to join our team of 865 editors and contribute your insights to the project.

Is it English Only?

Unfortunately, yes. Foreign language sources may be cited but documents posted on the site should be in English. Kindred spirits from other language groups interested in the project should contact an administrator.


The site is written by volunteers who believe that, in the words of Martin Luther King "there comes a time when silence is betrayal" and that "our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."[7]

Is it a limited hangout?

Our policies encourage posting of complete documents, with sources attributed wherever possible. By requiring that contributions be referenced and that they cite original documents where possible, we hope to prevent the site from becoming a modified limited hangout[8].

Is it a "Fake News Website"?

According to the spooky (and anonymous) PropOrNot website it is. But then if you were an uncritical consumer of the commercially-controlled media, you probably wouldn't have found your way here. The "fake news website" project, launched in 2016, was an unsuccessful attempt to boost flagging faith in corporate media[9] by smearing independent internet news sources. Wikispooks is proud to be one countless independent websites to offer non-partisan opinions, backed up by primary documents and direct links to other available evidence. The first point on our editorial policy is to recommend referencing the facts stated by citing an external source. By January 2018, this site had over 50,000 supporting references.

How do I know it is not a honeypot or a modified limited hangout?


Note that in contrast to the lock-in characteristic of commercial enterprises, a comprehensive Wikispooks:Site Backup has been freely available for years, so edits you make to Wikispooks need not be lost if the site goes offline; an up to date backup could be used to revive the site elsewhere. This is not a leak site - only documents freely available on the internet are published here. Wikispooks:Policy recommends that documents be published in full, and that material here cites references.

How can I be 100% sure its declared objectives are genuine?

You can't. As with everything else in life, you can reach a judgment on the evidence. The site contains copious evidence that it's stated objectives are genuine and its editors would be keen to hear of any evidence to the contrary. The ultimate answer to questions about trust is that you have the word of the site operator, an individual whose credentials are set out clearly on the Wikispooks site. You believe them or you don't.

How do I become an editor?

If you are familiar with the site and wish to become an editor, you may apply for permission to help. To become and editor, apply at Request Account, but you should read these guidelines first.

How is content moderated?

Users jointly edit content, using the talk: pages for public discussions of the content, remembering to use non-violent communication as per the Wikispooks policy.


Who has created this?

The project was started by User:Peter in 2010.[10] To see who created any particular page, use the View history tab in the top right for a complete record of who wrote what when.

What's with the spooky triangle logo?

A site needs a logo. This is the logo that User:Peter made when he set the project up.[11] It's "wiki", it's "spooks"y. Shine a light in dark places through apparently impossible circumstances. What's not to like:-) ?

Why is there a page about me (or my organisation)... May I edit it?

Congratulations! You're one of only 13,234 people, dead or alive, who have a page here. It means a Wikispooks editor judged you a worthy subject for a page:-). If information here is inaccurate or unfair, especially in a case of mistaken identity, you are encouraged to get in touch. Everything on this website should be accurate, as well referenced as possible and free of enemy images. If you wish to make a personal contribution to your page, you may make an account, which will allow you to edit it. In this case, please state this when you apply to be an editor.

Would Wikispooks publish information damaging to the "national security" of «state X»?

Wikispooks policy contains an editor undertaking which requires that editors' primary loyalty is to the truth as they see it. We aim to be non-partisan in and use sources where possible. "National Security" is a label that is more or less arbitrarily applied by deep state operatives as occasion arises, so there is no way to know in advance whether any particular material will be so categorised. In any case, note that Wikispooks is not a leak site; it is for republishing information that has already available elsewhere on the web.

Where is this site hosted?

The live site is currently hosted on the Digital Ocean cloud infrastructure.[12]

How is in funded?

Thanks for asking. We are funded by donations. Please proceed to Wikispooks:Donate for more details.

How secure is it?

We do our best. One way you might be able to access it anonymously is to use a proxy service such as Tor (but read our article on that software first). Another way which would help those with the technical competence would be to download the site backup and install it locally, so you can browse it offline at your leisure.

Do I need to know Javascript/HTML/etc. to edit this site?

No. Editing this site doesn't require any programming skills. To see the source code of this page, click on the View Source tab (top right). This is MediaWiki markup, which can be easily learned as you go along.

I have a technical question about the Wikispooks site

First check if it's answered on the page on Wikispooks' technical aspects.

Anything else?

If you are a member and have a question not answered here, you can post it on the 'Discussion' page (tab at top).


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