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Wikispooks' Projects are specific areas which are central to our mission of documenting and exposing deep politics. All Wikispooks editors are invited to contribute.


Full article: COVID-19
A soft toy from Event 201, a pandemic planning exercise about a new coronavirus which causes millions of deaths around the world, held in October 2019

COVID-19 is a structural deep event without precedent. In December 2019 the Chinese government announced that “SARS-CoV-2”, a new virus has been identified, and that it caused a potentially fatal disease, which was later named COVID-19. After the WHO declared a "pandemic" in March 2020, national governments across the world entered a coordinated cycle of social disruption measures never seen before, in direct contravention of established pandemic response policy. Heavy censorship of first hand reports prevented many people from noticing that the headline IFR estimate of 3.4% was wildly exaggerated, or that doctors had found effective treatments which meant that there was no significant risk to the young and healthy. Experimental gene therapy injections, reffered to as "vaccines" were rolled out globally and 2021-22 saw a huge effort to inject everyone in the world with them, regardless of the health consequences.

Wikispooks has identified over 150 Bilderbergers and a lot of WEF Young Global Leaders & Global Leaders for Tomorrow involved in various aspects of the project.

Suggested improvements to the COVID-19 pages include:


Full article: Rated 4/5 Bilderberg
The first Bilderberg meeting, in May 1954, concluded a couple of years of groundwork by Józef Retinger and various other interested parties. This project aims to document the meetings and clarify the group's activities

In 2017, Wikispooks greatly included its coverage of the Bilderberg, posting all the known reports online, and making a page for each of the 3083 known participants.

Suggested improvements to the Bilderberg pages include:


Full article: Bilderberg/Meetings

Wikispooks has one page for each Bilderberg meeting. These link to all the guests, and many link to the report and mention the agenda, but are otherwise fairly basic.

Suggested improvements to the meeting pages include:


Full article: Bilderberg/Guests

The Bilderberg/Guests page and its subpages, as of January 2021, are the only known complete list of Bilderbergers on the Internet (compared with Wikipedia's list of 452 names, sourced not from the original documents but from commercially-controlled media reports)[1]). Checking this will show a few gaps still remain as regards birth/death dates and one[2] as regards nationality. Filling in these blanks will in turn fix the lists at Bilderberg/Guests/Nationality and Bilderberg/Guests/Born.

Suggested improvements to the guest pages include:

  • Adding missing data such as birth/death date, description, nationality[3]
  • Adding links to relevant external sites

Some visitors attend the Bilderberg but are not on the guest lists. It would be good to log and document their attendance.


Full article: Rated 5/5 COVID-19/Perpetrators/Bilderberg

Nearly 200 Bilderbergers played a wide variety of important roles in the COVID-19 event.


Full article: Rated 4/5 Whistleblower

Whistleblowers are essential primary sources about deep political matters, and their number is increasing in modern times as the deep state is being unmasked. The site currently has 191 whistleblowers. This project aims to assist whistleblowers and would-be whistleblowers to get their information out safely.

Suggested improvements for this project include:

  • Addition of more whistleblowers, for example, adding members of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition
  • Addition of the |exposed parameter to link whistleblowers to their disclosures
  • Creation of/addition to pages about the information they have disclosed

Describing Pages

Both stubs and well developed pages should have concise (<512 characters) page descriptions. Since the |description property is used to create links from other pages, it is a singularly important parameter. Currently 59.2%[4] of pages have a description. This project aims to make a description for all pages which are not stubs.

Concluded Projects

Institute for Statecraft/Integrity Initiative (2019-2021)

Full articles: Institute for Statecraft, Integrity Initiative
Integrity Initiative Leaks.jpg

The November 2018 Integrity Initiative Leak was the first of a series of spotlights on the inner workings of the UK Deep state. These documents revealed the Institute for Statecraft to be a group beset by permanent war mentality, which used UK government funds to carry out subversion and fearmongering, apparently part of a concerted campaign to promote a Cold War 2.0. We posted all the leaked documents online, and made a page for each known member of the Institute for Statecraft and the Integrity Initiative. The groups were categorised as Deep state factions and have connections to MI6 and the UK Deep state. The group shut its website and kept a much lower profile after the leak, but its continued relevance has subsequently been confirmed by documented members cropping up in other contexts.[5] If officially shut down in August 2023.

Internet Censorship, "Fake News" etc.

Full articles: Internet Censorship, Fake News
This project aims to clarify the miasma of disinformation about "fake news" and expose the ongoing project to step up censorship of the internet.

In 2017, memes such as "domestic extremism", "hate site", "extremism", condoning "terrorism" were agressively promoted by the commercially-controlled media, as part of an assault on free speech. In USA, a law which proposed to mandate internet censorship of "fake news" was scrapped after massive condemnation,[6] but the struggle continues. This is an important topic for Wikispooks to follow, not least since the spooky PropOrNot group named Wikispooks as an outlet of "Russian propaganda" in 2016.

Suggested tasks included:

  • Reporting cases of censorship, particularly on the internet
  • Monitoring and reporting legal action against people who publish on the internet
  • Creating more pages for deceitful language such as "national security", "radicalisation" etc.
  • Researching groups and people who are actively promoting internet censorship
  • Making a page for the remaining sites on the PropOrNot/List

Many thanks to our Patrons who cover ~2/3 of our hosting bill. Please join them if you can.

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