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The Wikispooks Community portal is a good place to learn about the Wikispooks project, to discover what there is to do here or to get help.
Wikispooks editors are invited to discuss the site here. This talk page is the closest thing Wikispooks has to a 'village pump'.


Full article: Wikispooks:Projects
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Wikispooks has four projects, described in more detail on our project page, to help give direction to the site and get new editors started:

  1. Institute for Statecraft/Integrity Initiative - Documenting the Integrity Initiative Leak and the group's members
  2. Bilderberg - Improving the quality of the 2987 pages of Bilderberg participants
  3. Internet Censorship & "Fake News" - Documenting the increasingly desperate efforts to contain the truth
  4. Whistleblowers - Increasing the quality of articles on the 158 whistleblowers on this site, and increasing their number
  5. Descriptions - For cross referencing purposes, each page needs a short (i.e. less than 512 character) description. Currently only 9653/24432 pages have one.
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To Do

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Using The Category Tree

N.B. Categories are not recommended for site readers to navigate site content; their primary purpose here for some years has been for site editors to navigate material such as templates and project pages. The more modern way to access content is either to use the main page or the lists of Events, People, Groups, Concepts, Websites, Places, Years etc.

  • The box on the left contains all the Wikispooks project pages.
  • Pages are in italics, categories in normal text.
  • The [x] symbol indicates a bottom level category.
  • Click on a category/page to go there.

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