Document:1963 FBI Memo mentioning Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency

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1963 FBI Memo mentioning Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency.jpg
A 1963 FBI Memo which reveals that a Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency phoned in about the JFK assassination

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png memo  by FBI  to US State Department dated 29 November 1963
Subjects: George H. W. Bush, John F. Kennedy’s assassination
Example of: George H. W. Bush/Exposure
Security Classification: (declassified )
Source: Unknown

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Date: November 29, 1963
To: Director
         Bureau of Intelligence and Research
         Department of State

From: John Edgar Hoover, director

         NOVEMBER 22, 1963

          Our Miami, Florida, Office on November 23, 1963, advised that the Department of State feels some misguided anti-Castro group might capitalize on the present situation and undertake an unauthorized raid against Cuba, believing that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy might herald a change in U.S. policy, which is not true.

          Our sources and informants familiar with Cuban matters in the Miami area advise that the general feeling in the anti-Castro Cuban community is one of stunned disbelief and, even among those who did not entirely agree with the President's policy concerning Cuba, the feeling is that the President's death represents a great loss not only to the U.S. but to all of Latin America. These sources knew of no plans for unauthorized action against Cuba.

          An informant who has furnished reliable information in the past and who is close to a small pro-Castro group in Miami has advised that these individuals are afraid that the assassination of the President may result in strong repressive measures being taken against them and, although pro-Castro in their feelins, regret the assassination.

          The substance of the foregoing information was orally furnished to Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency and Captain William Edwards of the Defense Intelligence Agency on November 23, 1963, by Mr. W. T. Forsyth of this Bureau.

1 - Director of Naval Intelligence