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Chris Busby Chris Busby
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Bias Spin  The Wikipedia page is a classic illustration of the way in which Official Narrative's deal with people who represent a credible threat to them. Busby is a particularly effective irritant to the proponents of nuclear power and the use of depleted uranium weaponry. Like many honest scientists who insist on going wherever the scientific method leads, no matter the displeasure of powerful interests, Busby has been effectively marginalised by the MSM and is subject to all manner of ridicule and other ad-hominem attack.

The Wikispooks page is a near verbatim reproduction of Busby's own suggestions for a his Wikipedia entry, were it not so effectively policed by his detractors in the nuclear power and armaments industries

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  • Chris Busby Exposed - Originally a Busby attack site. Busby obtained control of the domain name through legal means because the site libelled him. It is now used as an inormation site
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