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Operation Cast Lead Operation Cast Lead
WpIcon32.png Operation Cast Lead

Gaps  The Wikipedia article is missing:
  1. The well-referenced story of how Israel put tons of explosives into the hands of Gazan militants against the wishes of Hamas and over the protests of international observers.
  2. The controversy when the BBC refused to broadcast a humanitarian appeal.
  3. That Hamas had cut rocket fire by 99.5% before Israel broke the 6-month ceasefire.

Wikispooks takes the view that international reports (from the UN, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty Int.) are likely to be the most important sources for the factual content of an honest, balanced article, while non-participating sources such as newspaper reports are the second most valuable source. Reports direct from the participants are likely to be the least reliable. Sources known to be ideologically linked to one side or the other are used only with care.

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