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Alumni on Wikispooks

Elliott Abrams24 January 1948USPolitician
Deep politician
A deep politician heavily involved in the Iran-Contra affair, given a pardon by George H. W. Bush
Dean Acheson11 April 189312 October 1971USLawyer
Deep state operative
US deep state operative who was the 51st Secretary of State
Stephen J. Adler1955USJournalist
editor-in-chief of Reuters, the source of most news, since 2011.
Donald B. Ayer30 April 1949United States Deputy Attorney General from 1989 to 1990.
Tracy Barnes2 August 191118 February 1972Spook
Deep state actor
US Deep state actor involved in the Bay of Pigs
John Bellinger1960USSpook
A spook/lawyer representing the more patient and more PR-friendly approach to Empire
Joseph Bishop1915May 1985Author
A member of the Committee on the Present Danger, he spoke at the seminal 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism on "Legal Measures to Control Terrorism in Democracies."
Kingman Brewster17 June 19198 November 1988USDiplomatAttended the 1965 Bilderberg as President of Yale University. US Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1977-81
Harvey Hollister Bundy30 March 18887 October 1963USLawyer
Deep state operative
Special Assistant on Atomic Matters under FDR. Chairman of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace,
Charles Burson1944Lawyer
Roel Campos1949USLawyer
Tarun ChhabraUS National Security Council China expert
W. Graham Claytor14 March 191214 May 1994Lawyer
Civil servant
Paul Clement24 June 1966Lawyer
Harold Cleveland19161993USBanker
Citibank vice president, double Bilderberger
John Sherman Cooper23 August 190121 February 1991Diplomat
Howard Corcoran25 January 190611 May 1989Lawyer
Tommy Corcoran29 December 19006 December 1981USLawyer
Samuel Dash27 February 192529 May 2004USAcademic
Member of the Watergate commission.
Viet Dinh22 February 1968USAcademic
As United States Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Policy a panelist for the discussion Have Civil Liberties Been Unnecessarily Eroded? at the 2002 Bilderberg. Chief architect of the USA PATRIOT Act and is a former member of the Board of Directors of News Corporation.
Michael Dukakis3 November 1933Politician
Clark Ervin1 April 1959LawyerInspector General of the United States Department of Homeland Security, then lobbyist
Bernard Fensterwald2 August 19212 April 1991LawyerUS lawyer who was involved in cases relating to deep events in the US.
John Ferguson191524 August 1970USLawyerUS lawyer, attended the first Bilderberg and 7 others in the 1950s. US Ambassador to Morocco 1962-64
Eugene Fidell31 March 1945LawyerJurist critic of the Bush Presidency's policy on captives taken in the "war on terror". Lawyer of Bowe Bergdahl.
Mark Filip1 June 1966LawyerAmerican lawyer specializing in class action and white collar criminal and regulatory defense. Briefly Acting United States Attorney General under Barack Obama.
Felix Frankfurter15 November 188222 February 1965Judge"The most controversial justice of his time."
Charles Freeman2 March 1943USDiplomat
Deep state operative
Long time president of the Middle East Policy Council. Close relations to Saudi Arabia and Iran. Le Cercle, Bilderberg
David Frum30 June 1960CanadaPropagandist
Deep state functionary
Neoconservative deep state operative who coined the phrase "axis of evil"
Evan Galbraith2 July 192821 January 2008USDiplomat
Deep state functionary
Attended the 1982 Bilderberg as US Ambassador to France
Victor Ganzi14 February 1947BusinesspersonPresident and CEO of Hearst Corporation 2002-2008.
Julius Genachowski19 August 1962Lawyer
Alberto Gonzales4 August 1955Lawyer
War criminal
A "woefully incompetent" US Attorney General
Richard N. Goodwin7 December 1931USAuthor
Jamie Gorelick6 May 1950Deep state operative
Allan Gotlieb28 February 192818 April 2020CanadaAuthor
Quad Bilderberger Canadian diplomat
Bob Graham9 November 1936Deep state actorA multi-millionaire deep political insider, who headed up the first cover up of 9/11.
Philip Graham18 July 19153 August 1963Publisher
Jane Harman28 June 1945USSpook
Deep state functionary
Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and caught her coordinating with an Israeli agent.
Christopher A. HartLawyer
William Haynes II30 March 1958Lawyer
War criminal
A counsel of the US Defense Department
Ivan Head28 July 19301 November 2004CanadaLawyer
Civil servant
Deep state operative
Canadian lawyer dubbed "Canada's Henry Kissinger" who was an "influential foreign policy adviser of" Pierre Trudeau.
Alger Hiss11 November 190415 November 1996Spook
William M. Hoeveler23 August 192218 November 2017JudgeJudge in Manuel Noriega trial
Thomas Selby Ellis III15 May 1940Judge
Greville Janner11 July 192819 December 2015UKAuthor
A Labour politician who was widely alleged to have abused children, but whose "trial of the facts" was dropped after his death. Former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews; former vice president of the World Jewish Congress; relentless promoter of the official narrative of "The Holocaust"
Elena Kagan28 April 1960JudgePolicy adviser under Bill Clinton, later Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Kenneth Keating18 May 19005 May 1975DiplomatUs ambassador to India and Israel
John Koeltl1945JudgeThe US judge who dismissed the DNC civil suit against Julian Assange “with prejudice”. In retirement he has attempted to defend the rights of those imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay.
G. Oliver Koppell15 December 1940Politician
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