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May Ayres notes that "Fallujah stands as a global symbol of the utter depravity of imperialism".[1]

White Phosphorus use

US forces have admitted using White Phosphorus as a weapon, for illumination and to produce a smokescreen to mask troop movement during combat in Fallujah.[2]


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File:Fallujah Birth Defects.pdfarticle6 July 2010Chris BusbyA report on research into the legacy radiation effects of depleted uranium weapons usage in Fallujah, Iraq during the 2003 Iraq war.
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Depleted Uranium

“The pictures flash up on a screen on an upper floor of the Fallujah General Hospital. And all at once, Nadhem Shokr al-Hadidi's administration office becomes a little chamber of horrors. A baby with a hugely deformed mouth. A child with a defect of the spinal cord, material from the spine outside the body. A baby with a terrible, vast Cyclopean eye. Another baby with only half a head, stillborn like the rest, date of birth 17 June, 2009. Yet another picture flicks onto the screen: date of birth 6 July 2009, it shows a tiny child with half a right arm, no left leg, no genitalia. "We see this all the time now," Al-Hadidi says, and a female doctor walks into the room and glances at the screen. She has delivered some of these still-born children. "I've never seen anything as bad as this in all my service," she says quietly.”
Robert Fisk (April 2012)  [3]


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