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Event.png 2014 Ukraine coup/Anti-Terrorist-Operation(“Counter-terrorism”,  2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date15 April 2014 - 24 February 2022
DescriptionOlexander Turchynov, as acting President of Ukraine, announced the start of "anti-terrorist operation" against Donbas protestors in 2014.

The "Anti-Terrorist-Operation" (ATO) was meant to bring the the areas that separated after the coup under Ukrainian government control again by military means.[1]

From the start it basically came down to war crimes [2][3][4][5] and killing of civilians mainly by heavy weapons fire on residential areas after the initial phase of the war. Torture,[6] rape, executions and mass graves have been reported.[7]

BBC Europe:

Ukraine's acting President Olexander Turchynov has announced the start of an "anti-terrorist operation" (ATO) against pro-Russian separatists.

He told parliament it was being conducted "stage by stage, in a responsible... manner". [8]

It was clear from Turchynov's announcement that the Junta expected to secure full control and compliance in the South-Eastern parts of the country with relative ease. As it turned out, this marked the beginning of what has become a protracted and bloody civil war with the junta using all the military power at its disposal against its own citizens.

War crimes

White books

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has published at least four white books (March, June, November 2014;[9] and one in 2015 [10][11]) which document the crimes committed by Ukrainian soldiers and militia formations. The 2015 edition (authored by "The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation") notes the following on page 106:

"in the settlements of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions which were in the grips of the so-called anti-terrorist operation, where armed members of the National Guard of Ukraine and fighters of nationalist battalions committed atrocities against civilians: killing, raping, plundering ‘for war needs’, kidnapping and intimidating people."

Local copies:


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