2016 St Paul's by-election

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The 2016 St Paul's by-election took place in Clacton on Thursday 5 May 2016.

Jack Parsons of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) was elected to serve on Tendring District Council.

The turnout for the by-election was 33.1 percent. The results, as announced by Returning Officer Ian Davidson, were as follows:

Tendring News Channel

On 9 December 2016, Tendring News Channel published a video on YouTube by William Hones, the former Independent candidate in St Paul's Ward, with the following introduction:

"Jack Parsons is a Councillor who was elected as a UKIP Councillor. Then decided to jump from UKIP to the Clacton Constituency Labour Party. This is the video encounter of me and him after I bumped in to the lowlife going to work."[2]