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Born02 December 1973
Washington D.C.
Black nationalist who argues for racial segregation.

Ayo H. Kimathi (aka: Irritated Genie of Soufeese, or just Irritated Genie) is a Black nationalist, anti-LGBT activist, and international lecturer who at one point worked as contractor for the DHS.[1][2]

He is most known for his opposition to homosexuality and pedophilia and is an initiator and international spokesman of the Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM). Kimathi argues that racial integration is an element in the destruction of black civilization:[3]

When we look at integration in its historical context, one of the things we look at is a book written by Chancellor Williams, called 'The Destruction of Black Civilization'. And the basic theme of that book is, that integration is the key element in the destruction of black civilization.

In simple terms, when we really look at what we say, when we say integration, we have history, periods in history with black people are by ourselves, we have our own nations, we have our own interaction between men and women, we have our own way that we treat one another, our own languages and everything. We don't run into problems with other black nations, we don't run into problems with other black groups. Historically what has destroyed us, whether it's been a nation, or whether it's even been here in America, wherever we've been, the minute we allow Europeans, the minute we allow white folks in, the beginning of the end starts.

Because the moment they walk in the door, their interests are to dismantle everything that we've built and they will turn brother against brother, sister against brother, adult against child, child against .. we know how this thing works, so what we say is, the synonym for integration to make it simple, is slavery. Because we were in Africa, we were by ourselves. What was integration? The slave ships came now we're with white folks. If that was bad and then they came back a second time to the African continent, it was called colonialism. Again we integrated again, and every single time we end up dying, we end up getting raped, we end up getting murdered and getting destroyed. Even in America if we're talking about what we call modern-day integration. After slavery we had the skills to build our own communities. We built them up, we left the white folks alone, down here many people went to the swamps and built beautiful communities. We were separated from them, we didn't have our own nation, but we had our nations within the nation. It was working.

When did the problem come? When some individuals were douped into coming and telling us, that we should give up everything that we built and adopt the white ideas. Now our children don't respect elders, now our men don't know if they want women or not, now we are acting more like white folks then they act like themselves and everything that we know to be black, as our culture's (did).. everything our grandparents.. everything that we did before, has fallen apart because we have allowed them in. I think that the answer to this question of integration is simple: Do we want to be slaves? And if the answer is no, then it means that we have to separate ourselves and do for ourselves and recognize ultimately, and I'm gonna end it here because I know I'm talking along time but, the ultimate conclusion is this, we got to fight.

We can play the game, we can run around, but ultimately when it's all said and done, it's a big white elephant in the room and ain't no way on this planet we can go, we got to come organize and decide to make the decision, that we gonna be free and we're gonna make sure that everybody that's done wrong to us is gonna remember what they did wrong, we gonna give them everything that they've asked for and a little bit of interest on top and we're gonna put this world back under the leadership of African people.


“The most important issues facing African people on this planet is our survival and the critical thing that exists in this universe, that threatens the survival of African people is no virus, is no lack of information, the critical problem that exists on this planet is a system development and maintained by whites, Europeans, with the ultimate design and end to be the genocide of African people, and this means all black people.”
Ayo Kimathi (02 April 2010)  [4]