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(police officer)

Bart Debie is a Belgian former police officer and prominent member of the right-wing Flemish nationalist party Vlaams Belang.

Debie was the alleged source of a leak which led to the police interrogation of two journalists in 2005.

De Graaf’s report said the Antwerp police and the federal prosecutor’s office met secretly to discuss the threat of a terrorist attack. An Al-Qaeda member was suspected of wanting to blow up a tunnel in Antwerp. Bart Debie - then Antwerp police superintendent and now an extreme right-wing parliamentarian - was present at the meeting and is suspected of being the source of the leak.
A search was carried out at his office on 18 January and police found that seven phone calls took place between De Graaf and him. De Graaf has never denied contacting Debie, but she said it was to "verify information."[1]

In June 2007, Debie attended a Pro Köln demonstration against a mosque in Cologne.[2]

He was also one of a number of people credited with assisting the organisers of the Counterjihad Brussels Conference in October 2007.[3]


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