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Clear, unambiguous confirmation that the US runs the Ukrainian opposition and that what is going on in Ukraine in 2013-14 is US sponsored "Regime Change". This is how the US installs its puppet governments while feigning outrage at the terrorist violence it organises and provokes to do so".

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png audio transcript  by Geoffrey Pyatt dated 2014-02-07
Subjects: Ukraine coup 2014, Victoria Nuland, Geoffrey Pyatt
Source: Russia Today (Link)

Photo-right: Nuland photo-call. Handing cookies to Kiev riot police. US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt is beside her 2nd right. Kiev, Ukraine 7 December 2013

But any suggestion that the US is interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state is of course outrageous. Imagine the Russian ambassador to the US alongside his Kremlin boss doing something similar. Better still doing something similar at any one of many US domestic police actions.

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It is as clear as the nose on a persons face that what is going on in Ukraine is US sponsored regime change. The story for the gullible (Official Narrative) is of a popular democratic uprising in protest at the Ukrainian government's last minute withdrawal from a 'cooperation agreement' with the EU - never mind that the government responsible WAS democratically elected in what the UN pronounced as a free and fair election. It is presented as spontaneous, just as many other similar such before it. The reality is that the US has spent over $5 billion cultivating disaffected and violent Ukrainian opposition groups (listen to Nuland in the 2nd video below giving that precise figure) and it is determined to see a return on that investment in the form of further marginalisation of Russia in its own back yard. The "will of the people" and "Freedom and democracy" have nothing whatever to do with it beyond rallying calls to the gullible of course. The modus operandi has varied hardly at all over decades and the wonder is that more people in the West - and the targeted countries themselves - still appear blind to it.

Particularly interesting from the recording is the treatment of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon as some sort of junior errand boy for Washington. [1]. Also the repeated expressions of shock and outrage at "...this new low in Russian tradecraft" by State Dept spokeswoman Jan Plaski in the third video below - as if the ongoing NSA / Edward Snowden saga was non-existent. It is truly surreal to watch and listen to her.

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A new US puppet government for Ukraine

“FUCK the EU” says Victoria Nuland

The telephone conversation


Victoria Nuland's leaked telephone conversation with US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt

Nuland: Whaddya think?

Pyatt: I think we’re in play the Klitschko piece is obviously the complicated electron here. Especially the announcement of him as deputy prime minister and you’ve seen my notes on the trouble in the marriage right now so we’re trying to get a read really fast where he is on this stuff. But I think your argument to him which you’ll need to make, I think that’s the next phone call you want to set up is exactly the one you made to (nickname for Yatseniuk). And I’m glad you sort of put him on the spot on where he fits in this scenario. And I’m very glad that he said what he said in response.

Nuland: Good. I don’t think Klitsch should go into the government. I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Pyatt: Yeah. I guess… in terms of him not going into the government let him stay out and do his political homework and stuff i”m just thinking in terms of sort of the process moving ahead we want to keep the moderate democrats together. The problem is going to be Tiahnybok and his guys and I’m sure that’s part of what Yanukovych is calculating on all this.

"$5 billion invested in Ukraine
(ie regime change) to date"

Nuland: (Breaks in) I think Yats is the guy that who’s got the economic experience the governing experience he’s the… what he needs is Klitsch and Tiahnybok (Oleh, leader of a nationalist party who has been pushing confrontation with the Ukrainian government) on the outside he needs to be talking to them four times a week you know. I just think Klitch going in he’s going to be at that level working for Yatsinyuk it’s just not going to work.

Pyatt: Yeah, no, I think that’s right. Ok. Good. Do you want us to set up a call with him as the next step?

Nuland: My understanding from that call that you tell me was that the big three were going into their own meeting and that Yats was going to offer in that context a… three plus one conversation or three plus two with you. Is that not how you understood it?

Pyatt: No. I mean I think that’s what he proposed but I think just knowing the dynamic that’s been with them where Klitschko has been the top dog, he’s going to take a while to shop up for whatever meetings they’ve got and he’s probably talking to his guys at this point so I think you reaching out directly to him helps with the personality management among the three and it gives you also a chance to move fast on all this stuff and put us behind it before they all sit down and he explains why he doesn’t like it.

Nuland: Ok, good. I’m happy. why don’t you reach out to him and see if he wants to talk before or after.

Pyatt: Ok, will do. Thanks.

"A new low in Russian Tradecraft"
State Dept spokewoman Jan Paski
7 February 2014

Nuland: Ok... one more wrinkle for you Jeff. I can’t remember if I told you this or if I only told Washington this that when I talked to Jeff Feltman this morning he had a new name for the UN guy Robert Serry did I write you that this morning?

Pyatt: Yeah I saw that.

Nuland: Ok. He’s now gotten both Serry and Ban ki-Moon to agree that Serry could come in Monday or Tuesday. That would be great I think to help glue this thing and to have the UN help glue it and, you know, Fuck the EU.

Pyatt: No, exactly. And I think we’ve got to do something to make it stick together because you can be pretty sure that if it does start to gain altitude that the Russians will working behind the scenes to try to torpedo it. And again the fact that this is out there right now, I’m still trying to figure out in my mind why Yanukovych (garbled) that. In the meantime there’s a Party of Regions faction meeting going on right now and I’m sure there’s a lively argument going on in that group at this point. But anyway we could land jelly side up on this one if we move fast. So let me work on Klitschko and if you can just keep… we want to try to get somebody with an international personality to come out here and help to midwife this thing. The other issue is some kind of outreach to Yanukovych but we probably regroup on that tomorrow as we see how things start to fall into place.

Nuland: So on that piece Jeff when I wrote the note Sullivan’s come back to me VFR saying you need Biden and I said probably tomorrow for an atta boy and to get the deets (details) to stick. So Biden’s willing.

Pyatt: Ok. Great. Thanks.


  1. 'F**k the EU': Tape Reveals US Runs Ukraine Opposition - Daniel McAdams. The Ron Paul Institute