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Synopsis of Kevin Galalae's fate after The Hunger Strike

(Written by friends and supporters on 25 November 2011)

Kevin was imprisoned on May 15, two days after his return home from France. He was forcefully separated from his children on the grounds that he is “delusional” and espouses “bizarre ideologies”. The local hospital was coerced to keep Kevin against his will and in violation of the Mental Health Act for 72 hours, from May 15 to May 18, and then issue a fabricated Discharge Summary [1]

Two hours before his release from hospital, Kevin was arrested and charged with harassment. He was imprisoned from May 18 to May 24 when he was released on bail to sureties, after being denied bail twice; which is unheard of for someone with no criminal record. To prevent him from engaging in further human rights activism and to destroy him financially and emotionally the Crown imposed the most stringent bail conditions on Kevin. Among the many restrictions imposed on him, Kevin was not allowed to come with 500 meters of his own children or house where all his computers, manuscripts and reference materials are [2]. As a result Kevin lost his job and livelihood. He had to borrow money to buy a new computer and continue writing, this time cataloguing the many violations committed by the Kingston authorities in their vendetta against Kevin.

Kevin was rearrested on July 14 and charged with breach of the no-communication order and then denied bail in order to force him to plead guilty to crimes he did not commit, namely harassment and theft of electronic data. Kevin’s lawyer, David Sinnett, was coerced by the Crown to withhold the Crown disclosure from Kevin, to deprive him of exonerating evidence on threat of imprisonment, and to give him false counsel in order to corner him in prison and force him to plead guilty. [3] Kevin was let out of prison on August 9 with time served. Kevin pleaded guilty on his lawyer’s duplicitous advice in order to get out of prison and have a chance of obtaining custody of his children.

In October, Kevin sued the Kingston Police for false arrest, false imprisonment, unlawful detention; loss of reputation, and the violation of his rights pursuant to section 7, 8, 9, and 12 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He is seeking $2,500,000 in damages. Kevin has also sued the Hotel Dieu Hospital for breach of fiduciary duty, assault and battery, false imprisonment, forcible confinement, loss of reputation, negligence; and the violation of his rights pursuant to section 7, 9, and 12 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He is seeking $3,000,000 in damages. Kevin also sued his wife for defamation; loss of reputation; harassment; pain suffering and emotional distress; punitive; exemplary and aggravated damages; and a permanent injunction restraining the defendant, her servants and agents from further writing, publishing or causing to be written or published or otherwise publishing defamatory matter about the plaintiff, or any similar, libel. He is seeking $1,000,000 in damages.

Kevin has filed a complaint against his former criminal lawyer, David Sinnett, with the Law Society of Upper Canada and is in the process of filing a complaint against his former family lawyer, Christina Rorabeck. The Law Society has opened an investigation into David Sinnett’s actions (LSUC File No. 2011-102394).

Expecting retaliatory action, Kevin sought the assistance of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on November 6 asking them to open a grand conspiracy investigation and to escort Kevin into Kingston on November 8, when he was scheduled to attend family court [4]. The RCMP responded that the matter does not fall under its jurisdiction. The RCMP however did not respond to Kevin’s request for escort and protection, which seems to indicate that the RCMP was aware of Kevin’s impending re-arrest.

As Kevin predicted, upon his return to Kingston on November 8 to attend the case conference in the family matter, he was arrested by the Kingston Police at the courthouse just 10 minutes prior to the case conference. Kevin’s latest arrest is in direct retaliation to the lawsuit he served the Kingston Police, the Hotel Dieu Hospital and his wife, Cynthia Anne Marshall and is a desperate attempt to keep Kevin in prison by denying him bail, which is exactly what the Crown asked the presiding judge. The Crown had also hoped that Kevin would not have the money and the sureties necessary to get out of prison. They were wrong. Five sureties came forward from hundreds of kilometers away to bail Kevin out of prison and many of his friends and supporters were standing by to protest Kevin’s incarceration in case he was not let out on bail. This time, Kevin was granted bail on the first try, but he was incarcerated from November 8 to 14. He was charged with 3 counts of harassment and two counts of theft of electronic data. The three counts of harassment are: (count1) because Kevin filed a case conference brief in the family matter, (count 2) because Kevin’s civil rights lawyer, Glenroy Bastien, filed a demand letter for defamatory libel, (count 3) because Kevin civil rights lawyer, Glenroy Bastien, served Cynthia Anne Marshall, Kevin’s wife, a Statement of Claim for the defamation lawsuit.

That the charges are unfounded and ridiculous goes without saying. They are clearly not intended to withstand an independent court’s scrutiny but to exhaust Kevin financially and emotionally. Characteristically, Kevin has still not seen the Crown disclosure, which once again is being withheld from him. Nothing the Kingston Courts have done to date however is in conformity with the law.

In a bizarre display of legal misconduct, the Crown lawyers changed the theft charges against Kevin during the bail court proceedings when the judge expressed his dismay. The two counts of theft of electronic data were changed to possession of stolen electronic data; the data in question being the slanderous emails Kevin’s wife sent to dozens of people and organizations from January 2011 to May 2011. Kevin attached some of these emails to the case conference brief as evidence and Kevin’s civil rights lawyer has used many of the said emails as evidence of slander in the defamation lawsuit filed against Cynthia Anne Marshall. It is worth noting that these same emails are the exonerating evidence the Kingston Police confiscated from Kevin and his surety back in May on threat of imprisonment and that Kevin’s former criminal lawyer, David Sinnett, buried instead of using them in court to destroy the Crown’s case.

Kevin’s latest arrest and malicious charges are particularly worrisome considering the efforts made to seek justice from the highest Canadian authorities, the media and NGOs. The Kingston authorities also continue their agenda to undermine Kevin’s credibility by insinuating that Kevin is “delusional” and suffers from “mental problems” even though Kevin has five medical reports attesting his mental health while the Crown has none, the Hotel Dieu Hospital having withdrawn its false report. [5]

On September 8, Kevin sought the assistance of Canada’s Minister of Justice, the Honourable Robert Nicholson, who received a petition signed by dozens of Kevin’s supporters ( ) asking the Minister to open an investigation into the conduct of the Kingston authorities. Minister Nicholson responded that the implementation of the law in the Province of Ontario is the responsibility of the Attorney General of Ontario, the Honourable John Gerretsen, and that Kevin should seek his help.

Kevin and his supporters wrote to the Attorney General on October 21 and again on November 24, but have received no response to date. The Attorney General did appoint a point person to deal with Kevin’s complaint that the Kingston Court refused to release the court transcripts of Kevin’s proceedings in order to prevent him from appealing his wrongful conviction. The Court released the transcripts after a three month delay and only because of the Attorney General’s intercession. Kevin is filing his appeal on Monday, November 28.

Kevin and his supporters have also been seeking the assistance of Amnesty International and other NGOs for a year now but to no avail. Despite intense and repeated requests by dozens of Kevin’s supporters, Amnesty’s executive council refuses to even respond to the requests that they issue an appeal on Kevin’s behalf let alone act in any way. This is conclusive evidence that western NGOs have been coopted into silence by Resolution 1624 (2005) and that the covert program of surveillance and censorship (SAC) Kevin has exposed and shut down in Britain and the EU is but a small component of a global effort to undermine democracy and replace it with global autocracy under the pretext that our governments are protecting us from radicals and terrorists.

Kevin is a political prisoner and his imprisonment is sanctioned and kept secret by all western nations because they have signed Resolution 1624 (2005) and pledged their collaboration with the UN Security Council bodies entrusted with implementing Resolution 1624 (2005), namely the Counter Terrorism Committee (CTC) and the Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED).

Kevin’s treatment shows that when a citizen exposes violations and illegalities perpetrated by the state and the institutions of the state in the name of counter-terrorism and counter-radicalization there is nowhere to turn for justice since the world is now under global authoritarian control, which has destroyed the democratic checks and balances of nation states, has gagged the international press, has annihilated national and international courts, and has coopted the NGOs.

The fact that Kevin is a political prisoner and subject to state directed retaliation is confirmed by two direct sources: one, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) reply, which indicates that Kevin is being investigated for subversion. [6] and, two, the response from a high official from the Dominican Republic, who was approached by one of Kevin’s supporters for assistance and who in reaching out to his Canadian counterparts was told that Kevin is a “state prisoner”.

The only glimmer of hope for Kevin comes from friends and supporters Kevin connected with through Linkedin and the resilience of his friends in Canada and his family members in the US, Germany and Romania. This has resulted in a television interview on November 23 with Princeton TV that will air within two weeks. Kevin has also been invited by the US media to come to the US to give further interviews. Princeton University is also interested in Kevin’s story and is lending its support to get Kevin to the US. However, because Kevin now has a criminal record, he can only enter the US on a special permit. He has applied for one and is currently waiting for a response from US customs and immigration.

This, in short, is what has happened to Kevin to date upon his return from Strasbourg, France, where he was on hunger strike for 30 days to compel the Council of Europe to protect our fundamental rights.


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This synopsis was prepared by Kevin’s friends and supporters and is posted on Wikispooks not by Kevin since he is under legal restrictions and his access to the Internet is curtailed by court order.