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Disclaimer (#3)Document.png article  by Richard Cottrell dated 2011-07-25
Subjects: 2011 Norway attacks
Source: ProgRESSive (Link)

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Oslo: Down to the New World Order

The bloodbath in Oslo is nothing less than a brutal exercise in regime change. The Norwegians are out of line across a whole range of US/NATO policies which are not limited to driving the Palestinian recognition issue in the UN and pulling the plug on Libya. Anyone who knows Norway understands these tough-minded and often prickly folk are dedicated foremost to minding their own business, which is one reason they have sensibly refused to climb on the bed of nails called the EU. Many Norwegians look on the influence of NATO with dismay, particularly the renewed saber rattling towards Moscow, which they regard as courting trouble for the sake of it. The Norwegians preciously guard their formidable marine assets in the form of priceless fisheries, which unlike those under the rule of Brussels are carefully managed and harvested. Interlopers in Norwegian waters find themselves going home without a boat. Norway has many state industries, including oil and gas, which jars the nerves of the US-dominated global oil lobby. But frankly what sets teeth chattering in Washington and NATO is the Norwegian insistence on stubbornly clinging to ‘socialistic’ protectionist methods of running the economy and worse, horror-of horrors, having real left-wingers in government.

Relations with Israel are up in lights too. Israeli companies and interests are not welcome and just before the bombings, two Israeli firms were thrown out of the country. The Palestinian issue more than grates. The Norwegian line is a strong influence around the Nordic camp but also in the Netherlands. Thanks to the stupid escapade in Libya, NATO really is fraying at the edges. Turkey is really now a token member choosing a la carte from the NATO menu, Germany dearly wants to do the same, even the usually rock solid Italians have had enough of the mayhem in one of their old colonies and there is no appetite whatsoever for NATO war-mongering among the Dutch. As poll after poll demonstrates, the Spanish would vote solidly to march out of the alliance tomorrow afternoon. The British are continually wondering what need is there of an alliance which seems dedicated to making war rather than peace.

Against this background little Norway is more than a nuisance. She is affront to the imperial majesty. So the result is the rape of the sovereignty of a small country that must henceforth understand that she must go with the flow – the great tidal grip of the US and NATO – or face the unpleasant consequences. After the usual softening up preparatory barrage -. propagandist libeling of the Norwegian authorities as disorganized, chaotic and ‘soft on terror’ - now they have it served up on their doorstep to ram the message home. It is no co-incidence whatsoever that starting about eighteen months ago, the US and NATO began planting interlopers in the Norwegian police, security agencies and the military. This by the way is not limited to Norway but similar tactics have been traced to Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Portugal. Webster Tarpley says this is the re-incarnation of the NATO-sponsored Gladio secret guerrillas responsible for the ‘years of lead’ which terrorized Europe in the mid years of the last century (the subject of my new book from Progressive Press: see below). He is right. The horrors in Norway are straight out of the Gladio manual of false flag terror designed to push public opinion in a selected direction, in this case away from the anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian, NATO-wavering policies practiced by the Norwegian government. It was known as the Strategy of Tension and that is what we are now seeing on the net, in the media and on our tv screens.

All the telltale indicators are present. The usual confused dummy, or patsy, with some kind of confused and muddled explanation for his so called actions. All the better he is a mason too. He pops up bang on cue for presentation to the world in all his rambling perfection. But witnesses insist they saw other shooters in action. This is another common line with Gladio-type synthetic violence. There too is the ‘ amazing co-incidence’ of police messing about with real bombs and explosives in downtown Oslo just 48 hours or so earlier, another preparatory warm-up exercise familiar to the Gladio playbook. Rest assured the new Gladio units were fully behind that. Of course the ghost of bin Laden walks again and Al Qaeda service centre is open all hours, lights burning around the clock. The brushed-up, reinvigorated Gladio script is everywhere to be seen.

Cui bono? Who did it? Fingers have immediately pointed at Mossad. Clearly blasting the Norwegian Palestinian- loving government out of the water would go down a treat in Jerusalem. But this may be to under-estimate the wider picture. The Norwegians have been getting on a lot of nerves for a very long time. They are wobbly on NATO. They refuse to open their protected oil, gas and fishing grounds. They two-finger the EU. The euro? Most people know what they would do that piece of paper. Their economy is successful, seemingly recession-proof. Wall Street cannot for all its efforts get its smutty mitts on Norwegian assets. Don’t even mention privatization. So taken overall its quite a list. Israeli intelligence is certainly in the frame but so is the much wider agency that we call the New World Order. Aside from the US and NATO, that’s the full gamut of globalised thugs like the IMF and the World Bank, plus for good measure the corrupted international bankocracy.

I think this is an organized gang bang designed to take out the Norwegian government in its entirely, to cut the whole show down to size. The object is nothing less than to cannibalize the country (exactly like Libya). As Michael Ledeen is supposed to have once said, to ‘take a small country and slap it against the wall, just to show we mean business.’ Lets remember NATO is no longer a regional outfit. It is the global military arm of the US and through that the might and force of western interests everywhere. The latter-day secret soldiers of the New World Order responsible for the latest outrage are an uptake on the old Gladio: but even more to be feared, that’s for sure. Ask any Norwegian.

Richard Cottrell is a journalist, author and former elected member (Conservative) of the European Parliament. His new book Gladio: NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe will be published by Progressive Press this autumn.

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