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Gretchen Whitmer/Kidnapping plot (False flag attack) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot - Meeting place.jpg
A building in Grand Rapids, Michigan that was a meeting place for the alleged plotters
LocationMichigan,  USA
Blamed on“Alt-right”
DescriptionThe "unsuccessful plot" in 2020 to overthrow the Michigan government arranged by the FBI.

The FBI have charged a number of men with domestic terrorism, in a plot to kidnap the governor and overthrow the Michigan state government. But the case did not stand up to scrutiny, and it was soon discovered that there is little doubt that "the primary impetus for this plot came over and over from the FBI."[1]

As Glenn Greenwald explained: "The idea of kidnapping Gov. Whitmer came from the FBI. It was a plot designed by the agency, and they then went on the hunt to target people they believed they could manipulate into joining their plot — either people were easily manipulated due to psychological weakness, financial vulnerability, and/or their strongly held political views. In sum, the FBI devised this plot, was the primary organizer of it, funded it, purposely directed their targets to pose for incriminating pictures that they then released to the press, and then heaped praise on themselves for stopping what they themselves had created".[1]


On October 8, 2020, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced the arrests of 13 men suspected of orchestrating a domestic terror plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer and otherwise violently overthrow the state government. The suspects were tied to a paramilitary militia group that called themselves the Wolverine Watchmen, which was founded by two of the suspects.[2]

It soon turned out the plot was orchestrated almost entirely by the FBI. The plotters’ driver and ‘explosives expert’ were both agents, while the militia’s head of security was an undercover informant. At every meeting leading up to the supposed kidnap attempt, an FBI source was present, and out of the five men who drove a van to kidnap Whitmer, three were FBI agents and informants.[3]

An examination of the case by BuzzFeed News in July 2021 revealed that:

some of those informants, acting under the direction of the FBI, played a far larger role than has previously been reported. Working in secret, they did more than just passively observe and report on the actions of the suspects. Instead, they had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception. The extent of their involvement raises questions as to whether there would have even been a conspiracy without them.


A longtime government informant from Wisconsin, for example, helped organize a series of meetings around the country where many of the alleged plotters first met one another and the earliest notions of a plan took root, some of those people say. The Wisconsin informant even paid for some hotel rooms and food as an incentive to get people to come.[4]

In a further striking coincidence, the FBI agent in charge of the infiltration operation was promoted after the plot was foiled, and given a position in the agency’s Washington DC field office, and oversees the prosecution of hundreds of Capitol rioters.

FBI involvement?

Krystal Ball has reported on this theory.[5]

There are 6 defendants and 12 FBI informants.[6]

Whitmer was allegedly informed by the FBI.[7]


The Official Culprit

"Alt-right"A modern term used in US and western CCM-media to define conservative-aligned parts of the population that have strayed away from supporting the classic liberal and classic conservatism parties in favour of (sometimes) more reactive, violent or anti-governmental ideas and concepts, in a way similar to the positioning of Antifa in the political spectrum.