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Place.png Liège
Liège Cathedral, St. Paul's Cathedral
East Belgian city notorious for peculiar events since the 1980s. Just bad luck?

Liège is the third largest city in Belgium.

World War 2

The Germans took over the city in 1940, taking the forts in only three days. Most Jews were saved, with the help of the sympathetic population, as many Jewish children and refugees were hidden in the numerous monasteries. Liege was liberated by the British military in September 1944.


Full article: 1985 Liège bombing

In 1985, the city courthouse was blown up by a lawyer with a grudge.[1]


Full article: Assassination of André Cools

Leading socialist politician André Cools was assassinated in Liege.


Full article: 2011 Liège attack

A murder-suicide attack took place in the central square in December 2011. A gunman stood atop a bus shelter adjacent to a Christmas market and shot at civilians. He also threw grenades, killing 6 and injuring 125. The shooter then committed suicide by shooting himself. Witnesses spoke of more assailants and further explosions than were confirmed.[2]

The attack occurred on the same day and at the same hour as the 2011 Florence shootings. It was also the 10th anniversary of the 2001 Indian Parliament attack.


Full article: 2018 Liège attack

In 2018 a Jihadi killed three people in Liege. He was reportedly radicalised in prison.[3]


In 2020 a crane accidentally knocked the head and torso off the statue of St. Paul atop Liège Cathedral.[4]



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