Stéphane Goux

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The judge whose handling of the Dutroux Affair was publicly protested by the jurors.

Stéphane Goux is a judge.


Stéphane Goux was in charge of the trial of Marc Dutroux, which began on 1 March 2004, over seven years after his initial arrest.[1]

Protest from the jury

The jury publicly protested Goux's handling of the debates and the victims' testimonies, stating" We would like to express our frustration. We regret that some witnesses, who are bound to repeat themselves, are heard at length while other testimony, which we find interesting, is shortened for time reasons. We are a popular jury but I think our IQ is far from inadequate. It was an opportunity to say it today because we feel that it has gone very badly. I would like you to be sensitive to our request."[2]

Cover up

Stéphane Goux is mentioned on Wikipedia, but as of August 2019 did not seem to have his own page.