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Leader ofSwitzerland/National Bank
Leader of the Switzerland/National Bank

The highest executive and executive body of the National Bank is the Governing Board. Both the Chairs since 2010 have been Bilderbergers, a new trend.

In particular, the Board is responsible for monetary policy, the strategy for investing assets and for international currency cooperation. The Extended Directory consists of the three members of the Directory and their three deputies. It is responsible for the operational management of the National Bank. The members of the Governing Board and their deputies are elected by the Federal Council on the proposal of the Bank Council for a term of six years. Re-election is possible.


On January 9, 2012, after the resignation of President Philipp Hildebrand (Hildebrand affair), Thomas Jordan was initially elected as President of the Board of Directors on an interim basis, and since April 18, 2012 as President. The three-person directorate consists of the following members (as of October 2018):

Extended Directory


Some historical directors are more notable, including:


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Thomas Jordan18 April 2012
Philipp HildebrandJanuary 20109 January 2012Resigned after details of his wife's currency trades emerged.
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