The Federal Reserve Conspiracy

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Author(s)Antony Sutton
SubjectsThe Federal Reserve,  US deep state,  The Money Trust,  The First Bank of The United States,  The Second Bank of The United States,  Federal Reserve,  Thomas Jefferson,  Andrew Jackson,  Karl Marx,  Communist Manifesto,  Clinton Roosevelt,  Abraham Lincoln,  J. P. Morgan,  Cleveland Dodge
SourceInternet Archive
Local copyBroken Link: The_Federal_Reserve_Conspiracy.pdf

The Federal Reserve is an expose by Antony Sutton.

The Federal Reserve has the power to create money. This money is fiction, created out of nothing... This private group of bankers has a money machine monopoly. This monopoly is uncontrolled by anyone and is guaranteed profit. Further, the monopoly doesn't have to answer questions or produce books or file annual statements. It is an unrestricted money monopoly. This book explains how this money monopoly came about.”
Antony Sutton [1]


  1. The Banks' Bank
  2. Thomas Jefferson And The Money Power
  3. Andrew Jackson: The Last Anti-Elitist President
  4. Roosevelt's Socialist Manifesto
  5. Karl Marx and His Manifesto
  6. Abraham Lincoln:Last President to Fight The Money Power
  7. The Money Trust creates The Fed
  8. The Jekyll Island Conspiracy
  9. The Money Trust Cons Congress
  10. The Federal Reserve Today

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