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The rescue of Jessica Lynch.webp
Date1 April 2003
LocationNasiriyah,  Iraq
PerpetratorsGreen Berets, Air Force Pararescuemen, Army Rangers, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Delta Force
DescriptionSpecial forces rescue operation that was not actually necessary, but initiated to bring some uplifting news from Iraq.

Jessica Lynch was freed on 1st April, 2003, by US special forces units.


In the 2003 BBC documentary, “War Spin”,[1] John Kampfner asserted that the special forces rescue was made like a Hollywood movie [2] and was actually unnecessary, with blank rounds and everything arranged for good camera effects; he also mentions Hollywood director Jerry Bruckheimer, who suggested an action TV series in a theater of war to the Pentagon in 2001.[3][4]

Iraqi doctors tried to turn Lynch over to the Americans two days earlier, but were turned away by gunfire at a checkpoint. The documentary claimed the Americans knew that Iraqi forces had already left the hospital.[5]

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