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The iconic "terrorist" attack on New York, designed to kick start the domestic repression phase of the "War On Terror".
The year in which 9/11 was followed by the Amerithrax plot. This pair of dramatic false flag attacks, kick started US imperial aggression abroad and the rollout of a Police State at home.

2001 will no doubt live in the minds of those who lived through it, just as the assassination of JFK froze a moment of time for an earlier generation. In fact, both were carried out by the same group, which Mark Gorton refers to as "the cabal". Wikispooks has some fairly solid pages covering the 9-11 event and its aftermath, which is a good place to start if you are new to the world of deep events.[1] In April 2001, James Bamford exposed Operation Northwoods in his book Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency, forty years after the US military top brass planned a strategy of tension to create a fake casus belli.[2]

September 11th, 2001

Full article: Rated 4/5 9-11
US President George W. Bush was safely out of harm's way in a Florida elementary school, reading a story to a class of kids. Informed by the Secret Service about an plane hitting the WTC, he blithely ignored it and carried on reading...

After the JFK Assassination and Watergate, 9-11 was the third clandestine coup carried out by the Cabal. It was a complex, multi-part plan that was used to sweep aside potential opposition to the massive curtailing of civil liberties in USA. Blamed on Ossama Bin Laden and "Al Qaeda", it was used to promote fear and Islamophobia, a foreshadowing of many false flag attacks come come this century, of which the majority would be carried out by Western/Mossad trained operatives, but blamed on "radical Islamists".

The Most Telling Slip Ups

Full articles: 9-11/WTC7/Destruction, 9-11/WTC7/Destruction/Foreknowledge

In the event, the 9-11 operation went much less smoothly that the Cabal's earlier coups. In particular, no plane arrived to destroy World Trade Center 7. Considering that it was packed with explosives and some preliminary explosions had heavily damaged the building's internal structure, this was a big dilemma. At 5:20pm the explosives were detonated, destroying the building in just 7 seconds. Another extraordinary mess up caused 3 TV channels to report on the collapse before it happened. This evidence was ignored by the 9/11 Commission, which (illegally) failed to check the dust for explosive residues. Beyond the reports of the day itself, the commercially-controlled media said nothing about WTC7 for many years.

9/11 Truth

Mike Ruppert at Portland State University, Nov. 28, 2001

A few activists were quick to denounce 9/11 as a false flag attack. Quick to spot the deception were Michael Ruppert, Lyn Gerry[3] and David McGowan[4], with a special mention going to William Cooper, who warned 10 weeks before the event that "Whatever they're going to blame on Usama bin Laden - don't you believe it...They will soon do something outlandish to gain the support of the Sheeple".[5] Cooper was shot dead by the US Marshals Service on 6 November, one of many unnatural deaths of those who publicly questioned the official story of 9/11. Hiroshi Hasegawa, a Japanese TV commentator who was publicly skeptical about the story, fell to his death on 15 October.


Full article: Rated 4/5 2001 Anthrax attacks
Daschle letter.jpg

As a follow up to 9-11, the cabal sent weaponised anthrax spores to those US senators who were opposing their push to reduce civil liberties through the USA Patriot Act. Perhaps as a test of the Islamophobia and fear that the 9-11 attacks had created, many Muslims were illegally detained and beaten up by the US police. After a $100,000,000 "investigation" of this incident, it was eventually blamed on a "lone nut".

2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack

Full article: Rated 4/5 2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack

On 15 November 2001, two members of the Mossad were arrested in the Mexican legislative assembly, carrying 9 mm automatic pistols, a military hand grenade, electrical wiring and other bomb related materials. This incident was the top story on Mexican TV the day it happened, but disappeared after only a couple of days. It was reported by Pravda, but not by Western commercially-controlled media. The internet archive however recorded a report (in Spanish) on the Mexican government website.[6]


Invasion of Afghanistan

Full article: 2001 Invasion of Afghanistan

A massive pre-planned military invasion was uneashed against Afghanistan, under the pretext that this was some kind of retaliation for the atrocity of 9/11. The production of opium (which had precipitously declined after the Taliban government had outlawed it) surged following the US led NATO invasion and for the next decade and a half (at least) never returned to anything like the historic pre-invasion low - yielding massive profits for the illegal drug trade.



Al-Yamamah arms dealSeptember 1985 - August 2006A complex series of multi billion dollar arms for oil deals set up under the government of Margaret Thatcher, involving a bunch of deep state arms dealers, and her son - who earned £12 million. Fines levied have been in the hundreds of millions, while kickbacks amount to billions.
Operation Mass Appeal1990 - 2003An effort by MI6 to facilitate the UK's invasion of Iraq.
Saville Inquiry1998 - 24 March 2010An investigation into Bloody Sunday which left 14 people dead.
Pan Am Flight 103/The Trial3 May 2000 - 31 January 2001A juryless trial which sentenced Abdelbaset al-Megrahi to life imprisonment for the Lockerbie bombing.
9-11/Official narrative2001 - PresentThe 9-11 plot, a false flag attack staged by the US/Deep state in concert with other deep states, was blamed on "19 hijackers" who were members of Al Qaeda. The official opposition narrative states that small scale corruption within the US government prevented the successful apprehension of the gang of 19, and also lead to some relatively minor innaccuracies and inconsistencies between the different official narratives.
2001 Israeli Nerve Gas Attacks2001
Mail Isolation Control and Tracking2001 - PresentA US mail program to photograph of the exterior of every piece of mail that is processed in the United States.
Children Overboard affair2001 - 2002
Le Cercle/2001 (Washington)2001
9-11/Exposure2001 - PresentThis article concerns the ever increasing public exposure of the events of 9-11.
Bilderberg/200124 May 2001 - 27 May 2001
Peru/Truth and Reconciliation CommissionJune 2001 - 28 August 2003An attempt to restore a functioning and non-criminal government to Peru.
9-11/Insider Trading6 September 2001 - 11 September 2001A mound of evidence points to insider trading. However, the 9/11 Commission decided not to investigate the matter and the SEC destroyed important records.
9-11/Pentagon11 September 2001The Pentagon was attacked on September 11th, allegedly by American Airlines Flight 77 piloted by Hani Hanjour, though many have stated that this seems unlikely. A lot of CCTV footage of what happened has been confiscated by the US government and not released.
9-11/George Washington Bridge plot11 September 2001The FBI arrested at least one van's worth of men (two or three) which was found to contain tons of explosives. This was announced on the day, two conflicting reports, but later retracted.
9-11/Flight 9311 September 2001The official narrative, that the plan crashed into soft earth and buried itself, explaining the complete lack of luggage, plane or body parts, was questioned by reporters at the time, but that coverage seems not to have been repeated.
9-1111 September 2001A complex and spectacular set of events in New York and Washington. The US government was quick to blame Al Qaeda, though no evidence of guilt was presented and there is much suspicion about what Al Qaeda really is. In the USA 9-11 assisted the Patriot Act's roll back of civil liberties, the stepping up of domestic surveillance and the financial advancement of the military industrial complex. Abroad 9-11 helped launched wars on Iraq and Afghanistan that had been planned long before.
9-11/WTC Controlled demolition11 September 2001On September 11th, 3 steel reinforced buildings from the World Trade Center suddenly collapsed at freefall speed into their own footprints, a set of events to which Wikipedia devotes only a single article, one purged of 'fringe' scientific evidence at odds with the official narrative.
9-11/Air Defence11 September 200146 mock hijack exercises were ongoing on the morning of September 11th and planes were unavailable, contributing to an unprecedented failure. Norman Mineta's testimony to the 9/11 Commission (simply ignored in their final report), implying a direct stand down order, would seem to explain the total failure of air defence around the Pentagon. Although standard operating procedure was not followed, those responsible were promoted rather than disciplined after the event.
Patrick Haseldine/Suppressed Lockerbie evidence ignited 9-11 attacks
9-11/E-4B11 September 2001 09:44:00 - 11 September 2001An E-4B was spotted over the White house and the Pentagon on 9/11. The official narrative has nothing to say on the matter, but it was reported on CNN and video, photos and eye witnesses exist.
9-11/WTC7/Destruction/Foreknowledge11 September 2001 10:45:00 - 11 September 2001 17:21:00The first reference to a third tower collapsing is by Jane Standley of the BBC at around 10:45 a.m. Other references are later that afternoon.
9-11/WTC7/Destruction11 September 2001 17:20:52 - 11 September 2001 17:20:58Compared to the WTC Twin Towers, few people have seen video footage of the collapse of the 47-story WTC building 7, but the event was predicted and recorded by at least 3 TV networks and exactly resembles a controlled demolition. The event was subject to a news blackout by commercially controlled media for years afterwards, no mention of WTC7 was made in the 9/11 Commission's final report and Wikipedia has no separate page for this event.
2001 Anthrax attacks18 September 2001 - 9 October 2001A week after 9/11, weaponised anthrax spores was sent from a US lab to media offices and to two U.S. Senators who were obstructing the rollback of civil liberties. A $100M FBI investigation concluded that posthumously blamed a "lone nut" researcher. In 2015, the FBI head of the investigation sued the US Attorney General alleging that exculpating evidence had been withheld.
2001 Invasion of Afghanistan7 October 2001 - PresentThe ongoing war in Afghanistan, instigated within a month of 9/11, supposedly in retaliation, with the claimed justification - for which no evidence has been presented - that the attacks were planned by Ossama bin Laden, and that he was based in Afghanistan.
2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack10 October 2001 17:00:00 - 10 October 2001 17:30:00Two Israelis caught with false passports grenades, explosives and guns in the Mexican parliament a month after 9-11. Later released without charge. Western corporate media uninterested.
2001 Indian Parliament attack13 December 2001

New Groups

Benador AssociatesGroup.png2001 - PresentCommercial
Traditional Britain GroupTraditional Britain Group.png2001 - Present
StandWithUsStandWithUs.jpg2001 - Present
Media Operations Group (V)Group.png2001 - PresentPropaganda
Club de MadridClub de Madrid.png2001 - Present
Directorate of Targeting and Information OperationsGroup.png2001 - PresentPropaganda
Scientific AllianceGroup.png2001 - Present
Nuclear Threat InitiativeGroup.pngJanuary 2001 - Present
Center for Global DevelopmentGroup.png2001 - PresentThink tank
Center for Special Studies in Memory of the Fallen of Israel's Intelligence CommunityGroup.png2001 - Present
Foundation for Defense of DemocraciesFoundation for Defense of Democracies.jpg2001 - PresentThink tank
Defence Evaluation and Research AgencyPorton Down.jpg2 July 2001 - PresentCommercial
CChangeGroup.png10 August 2001 - 15 May 2007
UN/SC/Counter-Terrorism CommitteeCtc-logo-en.png28 September 2001 - Present
Operation Green QuestGroup.pngOctober 2001 - June 2003
United States Homeland Security CouncilGroup.png29 October 2001 - Present
Office of Strategic InfluenceGroup.png30 October 2001 - Present

New Websites

Media LensMedia lens.png2001 - Presenthttp://www.medialens.org/A site dedicated to exposing and illustrating western mainstream media as closely following a 'Propaganda Model' that thoroughly vitiates its claims to being objective, impartial and 'free'
History CommonsHistory commons.png2001 - Presenthttp://www.HistoryCommons.orgA collaborative research site, collecting and organising facts from the corporate media. Data used to be publicly exportable, but that feature is no longer available. The site is famous for its very detailed 9/11 timeline by Paul Thompson.
Mad Cow NewsMad Cow News.png2001 - Presenthttp://www.madcowprod.com
WikipediaWikipedia-logo-v2.svg15 January 2001 - Presenthttps://en.wikipedia.org/wikiA vast, one of a kind, multi-language, multi-editor encyclopaedia.
Open DemocracyOpen Democracy.pngMay 2001 - Presenthttp://OpenDemocracy.netA huge, multi-author site with thousands of articles.
Joe Vialls' websiteWebsite.pngMay 2001 - 2005A collection of no holds barred investigations, particularly into false flag "terrorism" from about 1995-2005.
Information Clearing HouseIch.gifJune 2001 - Presenthttp://www.informationclearinghouse.infoA mammoth one man effort to tell the stories that corporate media never will. A lot of videos.
The Writings of Israel ShamirWebsite.png24 August 2001 - Presenthttp://www.israelshamir.net/Israel Shamir's personal web site. An archive of his writings.
Global ResearchGlobalResearchLogo.png9 September 2001 - Presenthttp://www.globalresearch.caAn independent research and media organization based in Montreal. The CRG is a registered non profit organization in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Groups that were Wound Up

Royal Ulster ConstabularyGroup.png1922 - 2001
Research Institute for the Study of Conflict and TerrorismGroup.png1989 - 2001Think tank



TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Michael Hanley24 February 19181 January 2001SalisburySpook
William P. Rogers23 June 19132 January 2001Bethesda
United States
Paul Vanden Boeynants22 May 19199 January 2001Aalst
Prime Minister of Belgium, convicted fraudster and tax evader.
Leo Marks24 September 192015 January 2001Spook
Abraham Beame20 March 190610 February 2001New YorkPolitician
Montague Woodhouse11 May 191713 February 2001Spook
Christopher Woodhouse11 May 191713 February 2001Politician
Edwin Plowden6 January 190715 February 2001Businessperson
Henry Wade11 November 19141 March 2001Dallas
Michael Elkins22 January 191710 March 2001Jerusalem
The first journalist to report at the beginning of the Six-Day War, and a speaker at the 1979 JCIT.
Cord Meyer192013 March 2001Spook
CIA spook who may have run the cover up of the JFK assassination
L. Richardson Preyer11 January 19193 April 2001Greensboro
North Carolina
Richard Scammon17 July 191527 April 2001Academic
Barend Biesheuvel5 April 192029 April 2001Haarlem
Alan Westerman25 March 191318 May 2001
Philip Buchen27 February 191621 May 2001Washington DC
United States
Tad Szulc25 July 192621 May 2001Journalist
Fletcher Prouty24 January 19175 June 2001McLean
WhistleblowerA US military establishment insider who fingered Edward Lansdale as the orchestrator of the JFK assassination.
Timothy McVeigh23 April 196811 June 2001USP Terre Haute
Terre Haute
United States
Security guard
David Spedding7 March 194313 June 2001Spook
Gianfranco Piazzesi2 July 192325 June 2001Rome
Hugh Fraser22 September 1921July 2001Spook
Robert J. Hanks8 July 2001Mariner
Cercle regular, rear admiral
Katharine Graham16 June 191717 July 2001Boise
Accidental fallPublisher
Lori Klausutis19 July 2001US
Franz Josef Bach4 February 19173 August 2001Aachen
Deep state actor
A leading German member of the Cercle, who organised the 1982 meeting in Wildbad Kreuth.
Mohamed Atta1 September 196811 September 2001North Tower
9-11/WTC Controlled demolition evidence
Lower Manhattan
New York
United States
One of the 19 hijackers blamed for 9-11.
John O'Neill6 February 195211 September 2001New York
United States
9-11Police officer
9-11/Premature death
A respected and sincere opponent of "terrorism" who faced opposition in trying to investigate the U.S.S. Cole attack and was later made Head of Security for the World Trade Center, where he was killed on his first day at work, September 11th, 2001.
Daniel Lewin14 May 197011 September 2001American Airlines Flight 11Spook
Hani Hanjour13 August 197211 September 2001The Pentagon
Arlington County
United States
A poor pilot who supposedly piloted a 747 into the Pentagon.
Khalid Almihdhar16 May 197511 September 2001The Pentagon
Khaled al-Mihdar16 May 197511 September 2001The Pentagon
Nawaf Alhazmi9 August 197611 September 2001The Pentagon
Fayez Banihammad19 March 197711 September 2001Manhattan
New York
Ziad Jarrah11 May 197511 September 2001Somerset County
United States
Marwan Al-Shehhi9 May 197811 September 2001South Tower
9-11/WTC Controlled demolition evidence
New York
United States
Waleed al-Shehri20 December 197811 September 2001North Tower
9-11/WTC Controlled demolition evidence
United States
New York
Abdulaziz al-Omari28 May 197911 September 20012)
North Tower
9-11/WTC Controlled demolition evidence
United States
Peter Shore20 May 192424 September 2001London
United Kingdom
Nguyễn Văn Thiệu5 April 192329 September 2001Boston
United States
John Lilly6 January 191530 September 2001Los Angeles
United States
Quintin Hogg9 October 190712 October 2001London
Hiroshi Hasegawa15 October 2001NHK broadcasting center
9-11/Premature death
An "exceptionally erudite" TV commentator who publicly urged caution about the claim that 9/11 was a Muslim led operation. His sudden death the next month was little reported by corporate media.
Prasanna Kalahasthi19 October 2001hanging9-11/Premature deathA 9/11 widow reported to have hung herself out of grief.
Thomas N. Downing1 February 191923 October 2001Newport News
Burton Kanter12 August 193031 October 2001cancerLawyer
John Mowat30 January 192331 October 2001
Edward Boland1 October 19114 November 2001Springfield
Michael Ivens10 February 19334 November 2001Poet
William Cooper6 May 19436 November 2001Eagar
United States
9-11/Premature death
Announced around 10 weeks before 9/11 that "Whatever they're going to blame on Usama bin Laden - don't you believe it...They will soon do something outlandish to gain the support of the Sheeple". He was killed by the US Marshals Service less than two months after the event.
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