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Employment.png US/Secretary of Defense 
(Minister for Defence)
Flag of the United States Secretary of Defense.svg
Flag of the US Secretary of Defense

StartSeptember 19, 1947
Leader ofUS/Department of Defense
DeputyUnited States Deputy Secretary of Defense,  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Leader of the US/Department of DefenseBoss of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US/Deputy Secretary of Defense.


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Lloyd Austin22 January 2021
Mark Esper23 July 20199 November 2020
James Mattis20 January 2017
Ashton Carter17 February 201520 January 2017
Chuck Hagel27 February 201317 February 2015
Leon Panetta1 July 201127 February 2013
Robert Gates18 December 20061 July 2011
Donald Rumsfeld20 January 200118 December 2006
William Cohen24 January 199720 January 2001
William Perry3 February 199423 January 1997
Les Aspin21 January 19933 February 1994
Dick Cheney20 March 198920 January 1993
Frank Carlucci23 November 198720 January 1989College roommate of his fellow US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld
Caspar Weinberger21 January 198123 November 1987
Harold Brown21 January 197720 January 1981
Donald Rumsfeld20 November 197520 January 1977
James R. Schlesinger2 July 197319 November 1975
Elliot Richardson30 January 197324 May 1973
Melvin Laird21 January 196929 January 1973
Clark Clifford29 February 196820 January 1969
Robert McNamara21 January 196129 February 1968
Thomas Gates2 December 195920 January 1961
Neil H. McElroy9 October 19571 December 1959
Charles E. Wilson20 January 19538 October 1957
Robert A. Lovett17 September 195120 January 1953
George Marshall21 September 195012 September 1951
Louis A. Johnson28 March 194919 September 1950
James V. Forrestal17 September 194728 March 1949
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