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I came to Washington DC to protest at the Supreme Court on Oct. 3 2012. My GOD given right to DUE process has been ablated for 21 years. I have an Original Jurisdiction Case that arose in the criminal state of mormondumb utah.

I am a person, stamping a notice of appeal IS a process DUE. Since they stole my brief and knew I would win they have committed treason & obstruction for 20 years now. I was at the court on the sidewalk until March 28 2013 when the sup crt police came out in the middle of the night & broke my rib.

I first began my contribution to the Reichstag911 truth movement with an open-lip truss analysis, a debris feild analysis, and finally a disassociation wave analysis. I also examine the twin ANTI-PURPOSES to which this IS all geared: BIBLICAL BORDERS & PIPELINISTAN.

Counte Bernodotte Volke Rachel Corrie JFK & RFK Our USS Liberty Sailors 300 Firefighters & 3000 innocent US civilians as well as 100, 000 innocent abroad

All were MASS MURDERED for the SAME anti-purposes by the SAME conspirators

Each generation the world IS born anew, lets hope the next generation suceeds where we have failed

Capitalism IS NOT corporofacism Republic IS NOT police state & empire Democracy IS NOT socialism Peace IS NOT war Patriotism IS NOT treason Good IS NOT evil torture IS NOT freedom tickling

We can and must do better Semper Paratus Semper Vigilante Semper Fidelius