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(teacher, author, researcher)
Interests • 1929 Wall Street Crash
• Dow Jones Industrial Average
• Financial fraud


Mr. Grommen was a teacher in mathematics and physics for eight years at secondary schools. The last twenty years he trained programmers in Oracle-software.

Retirement activities

Since 1999 he studied transitions, social transformation processes, the S-curve and transitions in relation to market indices. Articles about these topics have been published in various magazines and websites in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Documents by Wim Grommen

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
File:Splitting Stocks Caused Stock Market Crash 1929.pdfarticle24 April 20151929 Wall Street CrashAn explanation of how the introduction of stock splitting on December 31st, 1927 eventually caused the crash of 1929. The frequent splitting of shares into very large proportions gave a massive boost to the stock market boom, making the stock market crash of 1929 equally violent.
File:The Dow Jones Industrial Average - a fata morgana.pdfarticle19 June 2014Dow Jones Industrial AverageAn examination of the mathematics of the Dow Jones. Does it say anything of value about the state of the economy or society? The author concludes that looking at the number of people in society that use food stamps would be a better measure, one that is not wide open to manipulation by the 1%.