Central America

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Place.png Central America

The south of North America, north of South America.


Nation states

Nation stateDescription
BarbadosScenic Caribbean island nation. Formerly part of the British Empire
BelizeThe only Central American country which is a Commonwealth realm.
Costa RicaAn armyless country between Nicaragua and Panama
Dominican RepublicCaribbean country; shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti.
El SalvadorA small Spanish-speaking nation state in Central America. Brutal CIA proxy war in the 1980s
GrenadaA Caribbean island, that had a coup in the 1980s.
GuatemalaCountry in Central America. High rates of poverty, crime, drug cartels, and instability.
HondurasCentral American country; formerly part of the Spanish Empire.
JamaicaCaribbean island
PanamaHas a globally important shipping route.
Trinidad and TobagoFormer British colony in the Caribbean. Mainly consisting of the main islands Trinidad and Tobago.

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