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Jamaica (orthographic projection).png
LocationCaribbean, Central America
Typenation state
Member ofCommonwealth of Nations, Organisation of American States, UN
SubpageJamaica/Leader of the Opposition
Jamaica/Prime Minister
Caribbean island

Former UK colony. 1980 CIA regime change.

Cannabis decriminalization

Decriminalized cannabis in February 2015.[1]



Eventide Home fireA suspicious fire.


A citizen of Jamaica on Wikispooks

Michael Manley10 December 19246 March 1997Lost 1980 election after CIA campaign to destabilize Jamaica and unseat him


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TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
CIA Media Operations in Chile, Jamaica, and NicaraguaArticle16 March 1982Fred LandisHow the CIA takes over the major newspaper in a country targeted for regime change, and uses it as an instrument of destabilization. The method is still very much used in 2021.
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