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LocationCentral America
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Nicaragua is a country in Central America. The United States supported the local Contra rebels in the Iran-Contra affair.

US covert warfare

Full article: Covert action

The International Court of Justice found the US guilty in 1986 of direct attacks on Nicaraguan oil installations, ports and shipping in 1983 and 1984.[1][2]

Iran Contra

Full article: “Iran-Contra”

The so-called "Iran-Contra" operation was an off-the-books method of arming the Nicaraguan "contras" (a.k.a. "terrorists", a.k.a. "freedom fighters") using some of the profits of CIA drug trafficking.

Opposition Financed from Abroad Before 2021 Election

United States

USAID's foreign aid to Nicaragua in the 2021 financial year essentially consists of "funds to support and restore democracy and human rights in the region". For this purpose, funds amounting to $13.4 million are reported, bringing the USAID financing of the Nicaraguan opposition since 2017 to a total of $102.27 million.[3]

The primary recipient of USAID's payments in Nicaragua is the Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation, headed by Cristiana Chamorro, with $ 1.6 million. She is a daughter of the former President of Nicaragua, Violeta Barrios de Chamorro. The main purpose of this payment is to finance opposition media such as the daily La Prensa and TV channel 10. The media empire Grupo Cinco, headed by journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, son of the former president, receives $901,000 for the online magazine Confidencial and similar anti-Sandinista media. The Funides Foundation, headed by Juan Sebastián Chamorro, nephew of Violetta Barrios de Chamorro, receives US $ 1.37 million for its organization of major media companies in the country.

Outside the Chamorro family, political organizations such as UNAB-MRS received $601,000[4], Medardo Mairena's peasant movement received $438,000, and the Autonomous Women's Movement received $ 371,000. In the run-up to the elections scheduled for November 2021, NGOs involved in elections, such as Hagemos Democracia and Ethica y Transparencia, will receive grants of $ 1.1 million and $ 1 million respectively.

Human rights organizations such as the Standing Commission on Human Rights (CPDH) received $ 825,671 and the Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights (ANDPH) received $ 701,032.

NATO Minions Chipping In

The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) is also funding[5] the Chamorros with $ 1.27 million and Fundación Popol Na with $263,000. The Belgian Development Agency (BTC-CTB), has earmarked $825,000 for 2020-2021 for "non-governmental organizations that are active in promoting democracy in Nicaragua" (democracy= "our side win").



Operation Washtub


Citizens of Nicaragua on Wikispooks

Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann5 February 19338 June 2017
Anastasio Somoza Debayle5 December 192517 September 1980Third generation "our son of a bitch"
Anastasio Somoza García1 February 189629 September 1956With the help of the US Marine Corps started a family dictatorship that maintained absolute control over Nicaragua for 42 years.
Felix Maradiaga3 September 1976Nicaraguan academic with deep state connections


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