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(Actor, Hollywood/VIPaedophile/Premature death)
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Born23 December 1971
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Died10 March 2010 (Age 38)
Saint Joseph Medical Center
Cause of death
Drug overdose?
Canadian actor who died of an "accidental drug overdose" after making accusations relating to Hollywood/VIPaedophile.

Corey Haim was a Canadian actor who openly accused a number of people relating to the Hollywood/VIPaedophile phenomenon.


Haim's claims that he was sexually abused in the 1980s by an organised gang of pedophiles in Hollwood were corroborated by his friend Corey Feldman, who says that he too was sexually exploited.[1]


LAPD officials said that Haim appeared to have died of an "accidental overdose."[2]

"Haim had complained of serious flu-like symptoms for a couple of days before his death." The autopsy found that Haim died of pneumonia, i.e. natural causes.[2]

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