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Tank Man.jpg
The still unidentified 'Tank Man' facing down a column of tanks Tiananmen Square on June 5, 1989
The 1980s saw an increase in the global organisation of capital, and a dramatic end to the coherence of the Soviet empire.

The 1980s saw the effective end of the Cold War and associated nuclear arms race. It also saw the exposure of Operation Gladio, a NATO backed project which was revealed to have terrorized and murdered civilians in order to subvert the democratic process. Arms expenditures actually increased, as the MICC hyped the threat of international "terrorism".

US deep state

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By the 1980s, the CIA had over 30 years of experience at controlling the corporate media, and had a wealth of experience at using it. The Watergate Coup, for example, even today is generally dubbed the "Watergate Scandal", obscuring its true identity. Similarly, the name "Iran-Contra" omits any reference to the drug running component. What purported to be a congressional investigation was equally tightly controlled. Gorton suggests that it was a limited hangout designed to implicate Ronald Reagan. In any case, Bush's infamous claim to have been "out of the loop" went unquestioned by Cabal member Dick Cheney. Al Martin, the most senior Enterprise whistleblower, reports that when the upper echelons of The Cabal decided to wind up The Enterprise, they insulated themselves from exposure by killing hundreds of mid-level group members.

Exposure of Operation Gladio

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The Red Brigades were charged with a number of acts of "terrorism" in Italy up to 1988. They were at least partly controlled by Operation Gladio.

Operation Gladio killed European civilians throughout the 1980s, with false flag attacks such as the 1980 Bologna massacre. This lead to the exposure of Operation Gladio in Italy.

End of the Soviet Empire

The dissolution of the USSR lead to an end to the cold war. After brief talk of a 'peace dividend', the military industrial complex was to work though the 1990s, promoting the "war on terrorism" narrative prepared at the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism. A 1984 conference in Washington had assisted in the global implementation of this plan.

Tianenman Square

Chinese students, inspired by the collapse of communist governments in Eastern Europe, tried to wrest control from the old communist leaders, massing in tens of thousands.

The Enterprise

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After the October Surprise Conspiracy thwarted Jimmy Carter's aspirations for a second term, George H. W. Bush, leader of "the enterprise" became US Vice President in January 1981. He then, as Mark Gorton describeds in Fifty Years of the Deep State, "embarked on a massive criminal romp.”[1]


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The 1980s was an important decade for the economic project of privatising public organisations. Ronald Reagan as US President and Margaret Thatcher as UK Prime Minister were important figures in this regard.


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