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(journalist, editor, deep state operative)
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Born2 December 1909
East Prussia (Now Kaliningrad)
Died11 March 2002 (Age 92)
Founder ofAtlantik-Brücke
Member ofAtlantik-Brücke, Georgetown Leadership Seminar/1986
Spooky German journalist

Marion Hedda Ilse Gräfin von Dönhoff was a German journalist and publisher who participated in the resistance against Nazism. After the war, she became one of Germany's leading journalists and intellectuals, and part of the reboot of the German deep state, working for over 55 years as an editor and later publisher of the Hamburg-based weekly newspaper Die Zeit.


Dönhoff was born in East Prussia in 1909 into the old aristocratic ('Junker') Dönhoff family at Schloss Friedrichstein (now in the Gurkyevsky District of the Russian oblast of Kaliningrad).


In 1946, Dönhoff joined the fledgling, Hamburg-based magazine Die Zeit as political editor, and to the time of her death on 11 March 2002, aged 92, Dönhoff was still co-publisher of the influential paper.

While being known as left-liberal in its cultural and literature coverage, the paper adopted a fundamentalist pro-American line in other matters, arguing heavily for the division of Germany, for West-German rearmament and the foundation of a new, big West-German army.

Intelligence connection

A payroll list from the German Foreign Intelligence Service BND from 1970, names 230 top journalists including Marion Countess Dönhoff (alias 'Dorothea') from the die Zeit.[1]


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