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InterestsWorld Socialist Web Site
Publisher of the World Socialist Web Site, which is not afraid to touch some deep subjects.

The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) is a Trotskyist political party in the United States, one of several Socialist Equality Parties around the world affiliated with the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI). The ICFI publishes daily news articles, perspectives and commentaries on the World Socialist Web Site and maintains Mehring Books as publishing house.

SEP (US) was formed in 1995 by the Workers League, the US supporters of the ICFI. The Workers League had been founded in 1966 by the American Committee for the Fourth International (ACFI), headed by Tim Wohlforth, which emerged out of a split with the Socialist Workers Party (United States), in opposition to the latter's support for Castroism.

According to the party's website, the SEP "seeks not to reform capitalism, but to create a socialist, democratic and egalitarian society through the establishment of a workers' government and the revolutionary transformation of the world economy. We seek to unify workers in the United States and internationally in the common struggle for socialism—that is, for equality and the rational and democratic utilisation of the wealth of the planet."

In 2008, SEP (US) held its official founding congress, where it adopted a statement of principles and official organisational history. It has participated in elections in the United States, including running Jerry White for President and Niles Niemuth for Vice President in 2016 United States presidential election,[1] and Niemuth in Michigan's 12th congressional district in 2018.[2]

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