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The object for groups of people. For individuals, use 'person'

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                  Group Type                  Description
AuthorityIn addition to the standard meaning, "Authority" and "Authoritative" are sometimes used on Wikispooks not as an accolade, but to suggest distrust, reflecting the fact that 'the establishment' often seeks to bolster its power through specious claims of "authority".
CommercialCorporations or businesses that sell some product to people in transaction for other objects of worth
Deep state groupDeep state groups are very similar to to the legal definition of conspiracy: An agreement between two or more persons to engage jointly in an unlawful or criminal act, or an act that is innocent in itself but becomes unlawful when done by the combination of actors.
FrontFront groups are intended to deceive the casual observer by carrying out actions without disclosing who instigated them. They include astroturf (fake 'grassroots' organisations) operated by legitimate companies as well as fronts operated by groups with more questionable legitimacy to provide plausible deniability to as criminal groups, governments or intelligence agencies.
Front groupSpooky activities occur behind closed doors under the cover of a front group.
Hit squadTeams of assassins
Intelligence agencyThe distinction between secret societies, intelligence agencies or international groups may be slightly moot on occasions. Many are officially allowed to commit serious crimes such as murder, and are subject to minimal effective oversight anyway.
InternationalInternational groups.
MilitaryMilitary groups, generally hierarchical in nature, often controlled by nation states, are organisations that specialise in using violence to achieve political ends of their masters.
NGONon-governmental organization
RegulatorGovernment agencies tasked with trying to make markets work in the public interest by e.g. protecting the environment, preventing fraud etc. Often (especially in US) these are subjects of "regulatory capture" whereby they are effectively controlled by the exact same commercial groups they are nominally in charge of regulating.
Secret societyNothing to see here. Move along!
Think tank