The "Terrorism" Industry

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A look at the reality of terrorism, and how the institutional forces shape it to their ends.

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png book  by Edward Herman, Gerry O'Sullivan dated 1990-05-12
ISBN: 978-0394580807
Subjects: Terrorism
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The "Terrorism" Industry

In The "Terrorism" Industry, you will discover that that which we call the terrorism that justifies the waging of foreign wars and the shredding of the Bill of Rights makes up little more than ten percent of the actual terrorism that has killed literally millions of (mostly non-White) people around the world. And much of it has been supported by our government, for any number of reasons — making much of the terrorism that is inflicted upon ordinary people in the Western world actually blind and frightened acts of revenge, though the American commercially-controlled media will never show it to be such. Building on the analysis of bias and marketable propaganda that is at the core of the Media empires' definition of both news and history in the classic Manufacturing Consent with Noam Chomsky, Edward Herman develops exactly what his subtitle promises: a complete explication of the experts and institutions that shape our view of terror in the today's world. Long before the avalanche of frightening alternative scholarship that is in their bibliography shows you the relationship of Nazism and the Far Right to the politics of definition of what "terrorism" actually is, it will be all but impossible to see the very way in which we are taught to perceive terror as a continuation of the colonialist/imperialist policies designed to insure Western hegemony in the world, at the expense of the very democracy we (sometimes) defend at home.

Read this at your own risk. But remember, living in the world as we know it in ignorance is a lot riskier.