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"The Unidentified Queen of Torture"

Alfreda Bikowsky is a CIA officer.


Mark Gorton noted that Alfreda Bikowsky "committed multiple acts of treason by frustrating the efforts of honest law enforcement officials to stop the 9/11 plot".[1]

Support for Torture

The Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture, released in December 2014, showed that Bikowsky was not only a key part of the torture program, but also one of its chief apologists, resulting in the media giving her the moniker "The Unidentified Queen of Torture."[2][3][4]

Exposure in Who is Rich Blee?

In 2011, independent journalists Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy planned to release an audio documentary entitled Who is Rich Blee? The documentary focused on the CIA's Bin Laden Issue Station before 9/11 and how certain CIA officials blocked information on future 9/11 hijackers from reaching the FBI. They planned to be the first to reveal the identity of two CIA agents, including Bikowsky, who had previously only been identified as "Frances" in an AP news story from 2011 or as a red-headed CIA agent in Jane Mayer's The Dark Side. However, after receiving threats of prosecution from the CIA under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, Duffy and Nowosielski decided to release the documentary with the names redacted. They claim that their webmaster later posted an email containing the identities by accident. The identities then spread to the wider Internet.[5][6]