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(author, dissident)
Interests • hate groups
• “hate speech”
• social change

Amalric de Droevig is an author and dissident[1].


He has written for Russia Insider[2], Fash the Nation[3], The Occidental Observer[4], and American Thinker[5].

He has also written for Renegade Tribune under the pen name "D.F. Mulder"[6], for Republic Standard under the pen name "Esther Haas"[7], and for, under the pen name "Emmanuel Spraguer"[8], where he penned over twenty articles for the site, before it was infamously deplatformed by domain registrar company, GoDaddy[9].


  • Haat Poëzie


A Document by Amalric de Droevig

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Censoring Criticism of the hate group conceptArticle17 June 2019Wikipedia/Censorship
Southern Poverty Law Center
"Hate group"
Hate group/Criticism
additions to the wikipedia 'Hate group' page by the author which were repeatedly deleted for no good reason


A Quote by Amalric de Droevig

"Hate group"“I attempted to criticize the “hate group” concept on Wikipedia, by adding a section doing just that to its “hate group” article. The top editors over there would have none of it. Wikipedia’s editors are so left-wing, they think the SPLC is a neutral, apolitical organization, if you can believe it. Wikipedia, a supposedly unbiased and independent online encyclopedia and information source, has unfortunately become a mouthpiece for the Cultural Marxist US power class.”17 June 2019The Occidental Observer
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