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Society changes, sometimes due to unforeseen processes, sometimes as a result of social engineering.

Structural deep events

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Deep events which make pivotal changes in a society are referred to as structural deep events. Two crucial examples in recent US history include the JFK assassination, which marked a great increase in the control of the US deep state over the US government and the events of September 11, 2001 which launched the "war on terror" as a new means to militarise society and roll back civil liberties while rolling out the US police state.

Social engineering

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Social engineering generally refers to longer term, more gradual shift in society, often due to a range of facts including new technologies and ideologies. It is purposive and often but not necessarily malevolent.

Dumbing down

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Dumbing down is the purported degeneration in people's mental capabilities, due to a range of factors including pollution and the development of artificial intelligence. Its origins - indeed its very existence - remain a matter of debate.



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Dumbing down
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US/Deep state“When Eisenhower warned against the military-industrial complex, the values, institutions, and resources that comprised it were still subordinate elements in American society. Today it not only dominates both parties, but it is also financing threats to both of these parties from even further to the right.”Peter Dale Scott2015

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