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UK news reporter who also writes for Lobster Magazine.

Andrew Rosthorn is a veteran news reporter based in Lancashire.

After reporting The Irish troubles in the early seventies for the Daily Mail, he worked on hard news for the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, The Independent and The Independent on Sunday. He has conducted radio and television investigations into the fate of Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess, CIA sabotage of Leyland exports to Cuba, corruption in ammunition supply at the Ministry of Defence, breaking UN sanctions in Serbia for Marks and Spencer, the Owen Oyston Affair[1] and Royal Navy espionage in Japan.[2]

He has written for the intelligence-focused Lobster Magazine.[3]

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Andrew Rosthorn in Lobster Magazine


Documents by Andrew Rosthorn

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Asil Nadir: another victim of the arms-to-Iraq conspiracy?articleDecember 2013Arms-to-Iraq
Stephan Adolphus Kock
Jonathan Moyle
Asil Nadir
Gerald Bull
Commentary on evidence suggesting that Asil Nadir is the victim of a gross miscarriage of justice in furtherance of the continued high-level cover-up of the 'Arms-to-Iraq' scandal through the 1980's
Document:Project Babylon and the still smoking Iraqi supergunarticle2 May 2014Arms-to-Iraq
Gerald James
Stephan Adolphus Kock
Asil Nadir
Gerald Bull
A startling account of the murky dealings of the British political establishment and security services surrounding the Arms-to-Iraq affair in general and the legal proceedings against Asil Nadir in particular