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Lefka, British Cyprus
NationalityTurkish Cypriot
Alma materIstanbul University
Criminal charge
False accounting and theft (13 specimen charges)
Criminal status
Released by Republic of Turkey
SpouseNur Nadir
Interest ofJANCOM
Businessman who received a 10 year prison sentence for fraud.

Asil Nadir is a British Turkish Cypriot businessman,[1] who was chief executive of Polly Peck, which he took over as a small textile company, growing it during the 1980s to become one of the United Kingdom's top 100 FTSE-listed companies, with interests in consumer electronics, fruit distribution and packaging.

Official Narrative

In 1990, Polly Peck collapsed following an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office and charges were brought against Asil Nadir on 70 counts of false accounting and theft, which he denied.[2] From 1993 until 2010 Nadir lived in northern Cyprus, having fled there to escape a trial in the UK. He remained a fugitive from British justice until 26 August 2010, when he returned to London to face trial. His trial commenced at the Old Bailey on 3 September 2010, on 13 specimen charges of false accounting and theft totalling £34m.[3] He was found guilty of 10 counts of theft totalling £29m and on 23 August 2012 was sentenced to 10 years in prison.[4]

Lost Evidence

Shortly after Nadir's 2012 trial, Sean O'Neill of The Times revealed that the Serious Fraud Office had lost several crates of evidence relating to the case.[5]

Nadir has always claimed that the charges against him were rigged and that the SFO tried to frame him, abused its powers and doctored evidence, making any fair trial impossible.[6]


Full article: JANCOM

The Justice for Asil Nadir Committee (JANCOM) was set up by a group of retired professionals who do not believe that Asil Nadir received just and fair trials in either 1992-93 or 2011-12. It has several documents available on Wikispooks.

JANCOM says it can prove that "Nadir was framed by British and American intelligence agencies in a government campaign of dirty tricks, lies, the jailing of innocent men, and even murder, to cover up the fact that UK and US governments had been secretly selling illegal arms to Saddam Hussein, using Asil Nadir's companies among many others. It identifies one Stephan Kock as an undercover SIS ('MI6') agent charged with manipulating the media and arranging arrests on trumped up charges."[6]


Nadir was a prominent donor to the UK Conservative Party in the 1980s.[5]


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