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Person.png Anson NgRdf-icon.png
(investigative journalist)
DiedJuly 1991
His flat, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Victim ofmurder
Interests • BCCI
• The Octopus

Anson Ng Yong was a British reporter for the Financial Times. In July 1991 he was found dead (age 43) in his bathtub after investigating the BCCI.[1]


Ng “went to Guatemala to see a key witness that was alleged to have important information tying the U.S. Justice Department to the BCCI scandal.”


Ng was murdered in his apartment in Guatemala; his body was in his bathtub.

Similar death

According to an official statement of then Senator Alan Cranston, Ng “may have been killed because he was investigating the scandal-ridden Bank of Credit and Commerce International.” Specifically, “Ng’s murder was related to his probe into arms trafficking allegedly carried out by BCCI.”

Ng’s murder resembles the death of Danny Casolaro, another journalist who was investgating the BCCI. Both were found dead in their bathtub, both had documents that were never found.


Muckrock submitted a FOIA request for "Any and all files on Anson Ng" in 2017.[2]

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