British House of Commons

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Group.png British House of Commons  
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Subgroups• Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament
• Administration Committee
• Business Innovation and Skills Committee
• Communities and Local Government Committee
• Culture Media and Sport Committee
• Defence Select Committee
• Education Select Committee
• Energy and Climate Change Select Committee
• Environment Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee
• Foreign Affairs Select Committee
• Health Select Committee
• Home Affairs Select Committee
• International Development Select Committee
• Justice Select Committee
• Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee
• Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee
• Science and Technology Select Committee
• Scottish Affairs Select Committee
• Transport Select Committee
• Treasury Select Committee
• Welsh Affairs Select Committee
• Work and Pensions Select Committee
• Committees on Arms Export Controls
• Environmental Audit Select Committee
• European Scrutiny Committee
• Public Accounts Committee (United Kingdom)
• Public Administration Select Committee
• Regulatory Reform Committee
• Select Committee on Statutory Instruments
• Panel of Chairs
• Public bill committee
• Delegated Legislation Committee
• European Committees
• Northern Ireland Grand Committee
• Regional Affairs Committee
• Scottish Grand Committee
• Welsh Grand Committee
• Finance and Services Committee
• Backbench Business Committee
• Liaison Committee
• Members' Expenses Committee
• Procedure Committee
• Committee of Selection (House of Commons)
• Standards and Privileges Committee
• Advisory Committee on Works of Art
• Joint Committee on Consolidation &c. Bills
• Joint Committee on Human Rights
• Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy
• Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments
• Joint Committee on Tax Law Rewrite Bills
• Joint Committee on Security
• House of Commons Commission
• Public Accounts Commission
• Speaker's Committee on the Electoral Commission
• Speaker's Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority
• Ecclesiastical Committee

The British House of Commons is one of two chambers of the UK Parliament, the other being the British House of Lords.


There are 650 elected members of the Commons.



  • 1 speaker, 3 deputies
  • Frontbenchers (cabinet ministers + shadow cabinet members)
  • Backbenchers
  • Committee chairs
  • Party spokespeople

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