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Group.png Center for Strategic and International Studies/Board and Staff
(Global Board of Advisors of Council on Foreign Relations)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Membership• John J. Hamre
• Thomas J. Pritzker
• Sam Nunn
• Brent Scowcroft
• Trustees
• Richard Armitage
• Brendan Bechtel
• Othman Benjelloun
• Erskine Bowles
• William E. Brock
• Sue M. Cobb
• William S. Cohen
• Lester Crown
• William Daley
• Andreas C. Dracopoulos
• Stanley F. Druckenmiller
• Jonathan B. Fairbanks
• Michael P. Galvin
• Helene Gayle
• Evan Greenberg
• Maurice R. Greenberg
• John H. Hammergren
• Linda W. Hart
• Benjamin W. Heineman Jr.
• John B. Hess
• Carla Hills
• Ray Hunt
• Fred C. Iklé
• James L. Jones Jr.
• William T. Keevan
• Fred Khosravi
• Ronald Kirk
• Henry A. Kissinger
• Kenneth G. Langone
• Howard Leach
• W. James McNerney Jr
• Phebe Novakovic
• Joseph S. Nye Jr.
• Leon Panetta
• William K. Reilly
• Charles A. Sanders
• Bob Schieffer
• Frederick W. Smith
• Julie Sweet
• Andrew C. Taylor
• Frances F. Townsend
• Byron D. Trott
• Romesh Wadhwani
• Darren W. Woods
• William H. Frist
• John Warner
• Carla Anderson Hills
• Arleigh Burke
• David Abshire
• Ray Cline
• Walter Laqueur
• Michael Ledeen Penelope Hartland-Thunberg
• William Hyland
• Edward Luttack
• William E. Colby
• Ray Cline
• John Connally
• Clare Booth Luce
• Claire Sterling
• James Theberge
• Peter F. Krogh
• David M. Abshire
• Anne Armstrong
• Murray Weidenbaum
• R. James Woolsey
• Arnaud de Borchgrave
• Daniel Benjamin
• Henrietta Fore
• Richard Burt
• William H. Frist
• James E. Cartwright
• Seth G. Jones
• Jacob Kurtzer
• Quentin Lopinot
• Edmund Xavier Loughran
• Christian Man
• Richard M. Rossow
• Daniel F. Runde
• Gregory Sanders
• Jonathan E. Hillman
• Seth Center
• Matthew P. Goodman
• Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
• Kevin Rudd
• Radoslaw Sikorski
• Wesley Clark
• Ed Giambastiani
• Sean O'Keefe
• Peter Pace
• Thomas R. Pickering
• Joseph W. Ralston
• J. Stapleton Roy
• Robert Conquest
• David J. Kramer
• Michèle Flournoy
• Zalmay Khalilzad
• Nicholas Eberstadt
• Karin von Hippel
• Robert Day
• Juan Zarate
• Kathleen Hicks
• Christine Wormuth
• Robin Shepherd
• Giselle Donnelly
• Doug Fears
• Michael Quinlan

Board of Trustees, Fellows, Non-resident fellows + some historical fellows etc, from Center for Strategic and International Studies[1]


Known Participants

55 of the 107 of the participants already have pages here:

David Abshire
Richard Armitage"A sophisticated member of the top echelons of the U.S. government"
Anne ArmstrongUnited States Ambassador to the United Kingdom
Daniel BenjaminCenter for Strategic and International Studies, Refugees International, "Coordinator for Counterterrorism"
Arnaud de BorchgraveSpooky journalist
Arleigh BurkeUS admiral, one of the founders of Center for Strategic and International Studies
Richard BurtUS Deep state operative who took part in the discussion about "terrorism" at the 1986 Bilderberg. Founded Diligence
Wesley Clark
Ray S. ClineSenior CIA, spoke at the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism
William Cohen
William ColbyCIA boss who maybe became too loose-mouthed, died in suspicious circumstances
John Connally
Robert Conquest
Robert DayBilderberg billionaire businessman. Brookings Institution.President's Intelligence Advisory Board.
Giselle DonnellyNeocon proponent of long-term U.S. military engagement abroad
Nicholas EberstadtInvolved in a lot of deep state think tanks and planning committees.
Doug FearsUnited States Coast Guard officer working on drug interdiction.
Henrietta ForeAs Executive Director of UNICEF worked in collaboration with GAVI, CEPI and the World Health Organization, among others, to facilitate COVID-19 vaccination.
Bill Frist
Evan Greenberg2nd generation multi-Bilderberger
Maurice GreenbergUS deep state operative
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
John HamreUS MICC insider
Kathleen HicksUS deputy secretary of defense since 2021, where she will lead the modernization of nuclear weapons. Also on the 2020 CSIS High-Level Panel on Vaccine Confidence and Misinformation.
Carla Anderson HillsUS deep state functionary lawyer
Karin von HippelDirector General of RUSI; author of Democracy by Force
William HylandSpoke on The Impact Of Glasnost at the 1988 Bilderberg as editor of Foreign Affairs
Fred C. Iklé
Zalmay Khalilzad
Henry KissingerUS deep politician, 40+ Bilderbergs, Nobel peace prize, war criminal
David Kramer
Peter KroghDean of the Walsh School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University for 25 years.
Walter LaqueurGerman-Jewish (later American) historian professor of History and "terror expert" who attended the 1981 Colloquium on Clandestine Collection
Clare Boothe Luce
Sam NunnUSDSO? Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, founded the Nuclear Threat Initiative, 2 Bilderbergers, participated in both Operation Dark Winter & A Spreading Plague
Sean O'Keefe
Peter Pace
Leon Panetta
Thomas PickeringSuspected US diplomat and deep politician. Highly connected
Tom PritzkerMember of one of the United States' richest families, the Chicago Pritzker family.
Michael Quinlan"the leading in-house defence intellectual MOD has possessed since World War II"
William ReillyIntroduced the "Environmental Constraints" discussion at the 1989 Bilderberg as EPA Administrator, Co-Chaired the Deepwater Horizon commission with Bob Graham
J. Stapleton RoyUS diplomat interested in Asia
Kevin RuddHad his big break after attending first meeting of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue in 1993. Later became Prime Minister.
Bob Schieffer
Brent ScowcroftBush family friend, twice National Security Advisor
Robin ShepherdFormer Moscow Bureau Chief for The Times now working for intelligence think tanks.
Radosław SikorskiPolish Bullingdon Bilderberger
Fredrick SmithKnights of Malta, CFR ...
Claire SterlingUS "terror expert" who promoted the "War on Terror"
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