Cheney Loophole

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PerpetratorsDick Cheney
DescriptionA 'get out of jail free card' for the Fracking industry, to permit them to poison the US drinking water.
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The Cheney Loophole, also known as the Halliburton loophole[1] is an exemption to the Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 that allowed the fracking industry to circumvent the Safe Drinking Water Act by exempting fracking fluids.

In 2005, at the urging of Vice President Cheney, this loophole was inserted, fast tracking shale fracking as a source of cheap natural gas.[2][3]

A January 2017 article entitled "How Jeff Sessions Profited from Introducing a Fracking Exemption for Drinking Water Rules" suggested Jeff Sessions and his family profited from introducing the Cheney Loophole.[4]

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