Document:Discussion with Artur Gherman re the situation in Moldova, 28 01 2017

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Disclaimer (#3)Document.png Discussion  by Integrity Initiative dated 26 December 2018
Subjects: Moldova, Elections, Freemasons
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Discussion with Artur Gherman re the situation in Moldova, 28 01 2017

Discussion with Artur Gherman re the situation in Moldova, 28 01 2017

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PM Plahotniuc and Putin’s crony Naryshkin in 2011 shook hands on a deal to create a grand coalition in Moldova, but Plahotniuc reneged on this agreement and has earned Putin’s distrust. Now Plahotniuc has made himself all powerful in Moldova but he is having difficulty from Russia and is vulnerable because of his long trail of mafia dealings with the Russians.

Plahotniuc now needs some support against the Russians if he is to survive. Artur Gherman has been sounded out if he would SIS head and support Plahotniuc. The appointment of head of SIS is now a PM’s responsibility not the President’s. SIS has a very strong network of illegals in the Moldovan diaspora abroad. The organisation is corrupt and in serious need of reform. The person who approached Artur was Vasiliy Cucci who was Deputy minister of State in the Transport Ministry and is still close to Plathotniuc.

Other key players are (a) Renato Usati who was the Mayor of Belti. He is the leader of Partidul Nostru now lives in Moscow to avoid Plathotniuc. Made his money on Russian railways. His sister is married to the richest man in Romania, a BMW dealer close to the Romanian President. (b) Grigory Karamalak whose mafia name is ‘the Bulgar’ and who is a big Russian mafia boss. Both these people are fighting Plathotniuc and are claiming on Facebook that Plathotniuc will be arrested by 8th March. Plathotniuc needs friends if he is not to be pursued and prosecuted for his criminal activities. He has not left Moldova for 5 months. He is afraid he will be arrested because of his criminal activity. The man is totally corrupt. Artur believes he has links with Romanian intelligence. His power in Moldova stems from the time when he was a pimp for the main politicians and he collected Kompromat on them accordingly.

It is important to follow what is happening in the Freemasons of Eastern Europe. The Grand Master of Moldova has been asked by the Grand Master of Russian freemasons to help create a link with the Grand Master of Ukraine, who refuses to talk to the Russians. Artur is close to the Moldovan Grand Master.