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Evgeny Fedorov expounds on the developing political situation in Russia following the February 2014 Ukraine coup and the ongoing civil war in Eastern Ukraine. Detail on the Russian 5th column and what lies ahead

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png exposition  by Evgeny Fedorov dated 2014/09/03
Subjects: Ukraine coup 2014, Eurasian project, The Great Game, Anglo-US-NATO
Source: New Insight YouTube Channel (Link)

Translated from Russian by New Insight

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Evgeny Fedorov expounds on the developing political situation in Russia following the February 2014 Ukraine coup and the ongoing civil war in Eastern Ukraine. His flow is interrupted by the occasional observations and questions from an interlocutor. The exposition represents a far more detailed and nuanced insider analysis of what is effectively a war between Anglo-US NATO and Russia as the key country in the nascent Eurasian project, than will be found anywhere in the Western commercially-controlled media. It details both the complexities and the deep divisions within the Russian elites between, on the one hand, the Eurasian Sovereign-ists (ES) and on the other, the Atlantic Integrationists (AI). Fedorov cites the unrelenting aggressive posture and actions by the West as having reached a stage where those AI's in the Kremlin and other state institutions who decline to demonstrate appropriate national loyalty will have to be purged from leadership positions - the alternative being capitulation to the West.

Author's Note

A psychological shift has begun in Russia, where the visible catalyst has been the war in Donbass, explains Evgeny Fedorov, a Deputy in the Russian Parliament.

Within the ruling political and business elite a split has appeared, where some, by their basic survival instinct, have chosen to support Putin's path of national sovereignty, while the others are expected to either join them or be purged (13:54). The mass media, on the other hand, is working against the nation (11:13), he claims.

In detail:
The real reason why Igor Strelkov resigned from his position as Defense Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic (04:05) and why national structures have not formed in Donbass, despite their declarations of sovereignty in May 2014 (01:21).

Legislation is being prepared for ‘mandatory de-offshoring’ of supposedly Russian corporations, 3/4 of which have a complex foreign ownership structure (23:13). Non-compliance will mean asset seizure. Other essential and inevitable measures include nationalization of the Central Bank (28:34), breaking the tributary link with foreign central banks, and lowering interest rates to facilitate industrialization and job-creation.

The liberation movement is publishing a kind of “5th column assessment card”, a formula by which anyone's actions and position can be assessed objectively (18:27 & 43:57).

While the technology of Orange Revolution against Russia is stuttering, Fedorov warns of the consequences of visible NATO troops in Ukraine (39:32), even if ostensibly only for ‘exercises’: the point of no return is passed and increasingly visible pressure upon Russia to surrender and be subordinated is now having the opposite effect – strengthening support for sovereignty.

The spiritual reason why a series of attempts by the West to conquer Russia have failed, including 200 and 400 years ago (35:45).

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Full exposition with English sub-titles

Let's return to the fundamental point: why did the US attack Ukraine in February 2014? Why did they orchestrate a coup d´état, bring their people to power, change the legislative-constitutional structure? And write in the (EU) Agreement that in Ukraine: the boss is Mr. van Rompuy; military operations are under the command of the American general Randy Allen Key. They have occupied the territory of Ukraine, except for the area with the partisan resistance movement. What did they do that for? For no special reason? Did they just get an itch in their left nostril and that's why they decided to fork out $5 billion? No. They did that to preserve their unipolar world, their colonial empire. This is a classic colonialist, imperialist counter-insurgency war. Classic - as it has been a thousand times in history. It's a clear repeat. There's no reason for them to depart from this formula. Of course, they could make such a decision, but only if they realize they're losing everything. Given their currently strong position in Russia, it would be difficult for them to lose everything. Look at what is happening: since half a year ago we have the Donetsk, Lugansk republics. Where is the actual state structure of administration?

From what I can see there isn't one, we don't know what's going on.

Why then? It's should be as easy as A-B-C. A new state has appeared, whatever its characteristics. What should it do? Establish a vertical system of authority. They haven't done that. Why? Because Russia is not allowing it: the Russian fifth column, which rules over them, has forbidden them from establishing vertical authority. They can't put them down, but they can rule over them and forbid it People are asking them, “Why have you not introduced your own currency – a Donetsk rouble, or Lugansk, or Novorossia rouble? It's not difficult, you just print it.”. They say: “We haven't got the money”. But by printing it you would get billions of dollars to spend on weapons, on the battle, and to support life.

Only if there is demand for that money.

Of course there will be. We're not talking about a global currency. But there will be demand from 5 million people in that territory. Consequently, that currency would have a rock-solid future, relatively speaking. Printing a few tens of billions worth is fully realistic. There will be a demand for it. The five million people living there, how will they pay in the stores?

I suspect the Hryvnia is still circulating there.

You see - the Hryvnia which Ukraine is no longer providing, because all the banks are closed. That's just an internal circulation of empty bills, not integrated into a system of banking administration. They haven't set up banks either, I mean a central bank or state bank. These bills will simply decay – they have a certain life-span. For small bills it's about 3 months. I mean just technologically speaking.

They get worn and torn.

I'm just talking about the basics. But the issue is about economic mechanisms. At least for trade, to facilitate the essentials of daily life. Why not print? It costs pennies. You have the power. You declared your republic. When I put this question to the leadership of Donetsk, Lugansk, they lower their eyes and say: “Moscow won't allow it.” It's the fifth column in Moscow which won't let them. Why? Imagine having in your hands 10 billion dollars worth, just by cranking up the printing machine for this currency. You're immediately empowered. The cost of this power is a printing machine running for a week. That's all. But it's not allowed. Should they adopt a more active position? What happened with Strelkov? Everyone knows: he was ‘recalled’ by Moscow. The fifth column in Moscow pressured Strelkov, threatened a blockade, closure of the borders, cutting off the humanitarian aid. In that situation, of course, Strelkov had to leave. He took his people with him, by the way. Have you considered why? For a very simple reason. Strelkov is not a separatist, in principle, not even theoretically. Strelkov is a symbol of the anti-fascist movement: the Resistance against foreign invaders on the whole territory of the former Soviet Union, not only in Donetsk, Lugansk. What was written on Strelkov's tanks? “To Kiev”. And what's written on the tanks today? They're trying to erase the message “To Kiev”. They're trying to introduce the ideas of separatism, for which there is no basis whatsoever. Look, they're putting together a system of administration. Basically, people there were genuinely battling for their lives, for their freedom. Then the fifth column from Moscow started to infiltrate them and make adjustments. And where is that leading them? Not to a Patriotic War against fascism, i.e. “To Kiev”, but in the very opposite direction – separatism. What does separatism mean? It means ‘perma-war’. Why? Because in Kiev there is no government: the regime there is not connected to the people. It's a military junta, appointed by the invaders. The last time they were called _ Bürgermeister _ (mayor), under the _ Gauleiter _ (provincial governor). Obviously they have no connection whatsoever with the residents of Ukraine. The elections were a fake, at the barrel of a gun. This controlling structure obviously is not, and never will be, working in the interests of Ukraine's residents. In whose interests do they operate? The interests of those who appointed them, those who keep them on the hook, those who, if necessary, can have them executed as war-criminals for mass terror. The chiefs would end up in the Hague, while the local courts would be instructed to deal with the lesser ones, in accordance with the now signed EU Association Agreement. The courts, by the way, can't even be called ‘Ukrainian’ any more, as any citizen of Ukraine is now subject to the jurisdiction of the European Union. Tomorrow Berlin could set up some military court in Kiev, appointing Germans to it. And this court of Germans, according to the Association Agreement, can decide on any sentence concerning any resident of Ukraine. This is a fact – it's prescribed in the document. A lot of stuff is written into it. It's a 1000-page document. I won't even go into that, we've discussed it already. So they remove Strelkov, because Strelkov is setting the right objectives of the liberation process, i.e. the liberation of Ukraine. So then arises the question: “Why shouldn't Russia be liberated?”. Russia is no different from Ukraine, as far as concerns the legal basis and the beginning of the events: 1991 – the armed coup d´état in the Soviet Union, confirmed by the coup of 1993 and the occupier's constitution. Same situation in Ukraine. Consequently, any movement toward liberation of Ukraine and Kiev will lead to the liberation of Russia. That is the deadly fear of the fifth column in Russia. And that's why they have been cutting away people like Strelkov there, then changing the objectives. Those who participate in the negotiations are forced to make strange statements like “We are willing to be a part of Ukraine”. Did you notice? People who say these things are obviously out of touch with reality. They harp on in the way they're told to by the fifth column in Moscow. How can there be talk of remaining in a Ukraine which has killed tens of thousands of people? That's unreal. Only another round of terror in Donetsk would force the people to remain in Ukraine.

Slaughtering half of them.

When their relatives have already been massacred. Of course, they'll never agree to that. It's obvious. It is some loose tongue talking. This is a chess game being played by the Americans. They attacked, and they're managing the game, but there's no need for them to be participants.

In the Minsk negotiations, you mean?

Yes, in the negotiations. Because what they need is perma-war. Let me explain. In order to defend their unipolar colonial world, they must put down Russia. In order to put down Russia, they have to prepare a coup d´état. In order to prepare a coup d´état in Russia, they need to create the backdrop for it, and have the invasion force ready for it. Ukrainians, knowing the Russian language, are perfectly suited to that role. The propaganda there is working. Their brain-washing, based on lies, is working. For all of this they need to have a permanent, powerful epicenter of destabilization. Right now consolidation is taking place in Russia, but that won't be forever. In Donbass the militia and anti-fascists are not allowed to go on the offensive, only conduct defense. At a maximum they're allowed to advance 30 km to avoid being fired at. Why can't they advance to Kharkov? Or Odessa? They do have an Odessa regiment. Why are they not going “To Kiev”, as Strelkov wrote on his tanks? Because Moscow is not allowing it – that is, the fifth column in Moscow. But how can you solve the problem without taking the offensive? It's not possible. What's the consequence? Ok, for the moment they're having successes, victories. But at the same time they have no state, no systems. They are fully dependent on the manipulators from Moscow, especially when winter comes. So what happens next, since they can't take the offensive? The attackers and fascists will re-group. Foreign legions will be added, sent by NATO. They get called ‘mercenaries’, but it's actually an invading army. Then the attacks will resume. I think they will hold out. But if they could take the offensive now, then they wouldn't get attacked later. It's Military 101, never mind the politics. So this manipulation is taking place, which prevents them from constructing a solution, which would really solve the problem in Ukraine. How do you solve the problem and end the war? Very simple: liberate Ukraine from the fascists. Once the territory of Ukraine is liberated from the invader fascists, as in 1944, the problem is solved automatically. There is no need for negotiations. Some say, “but in Lviv people will object”. Don't talk to them. Just get rid of the fascist government in Kiev, then hold free elections to choose a reasonable government. I guarantee you 100% that a government elected without the barrel of a gun and propaganda, by normal means, will at the very least be friendly toward Russia. Automatically. However, that would mean the collapse of the Americans’ policy. And then what would have been the point of their invasion? So that's why they don't allow this and are taking a different direction. Who are the fifth column? Who are the agents of American manipulation? You have to see the big picture. Those in Russia who have an influence on events in Ukraine, and stripped Putin of the right to send in troops. Didn't allow him a tough decision on the defense of sovereignty in the Security Council. Those are the traitors in the government. Next. The mass media. This is what we've been talking about for months. Why do they insist on lying? Why do they say the “Ukrainian Army”when referring to the collaborationist forces of the junta, the putschists? The Ukrainian Army is legal. The Russian media is saying: there is a legal Ukrainian Army, which is bombing the place using tanks and planes. Then there is the ‘militia’ - a kind of neutral term, but in contrast with the Ukrainian Army it's an illegal armed formation. So what have we got in the media? ‘Illegal armed formations’ versus the ‘legal Ukrainian Army’. This is already support for what they call the Ukrainian Army. In reality, they are the foreign invaders' army. Meaning, our media is on the side of the invaders. If they would simply report the truth, then we could say “you're telling the truth”. But in fact they are lying: previously they acknowledged the fact of the armed coup d´état. From the fact of the coup, it follows that there is no Ukrainian Army – because there is no Ukrainian state. What came out of the armed coup was the illegal junta government and illegal regime, to which the Ukrainian Army cannot belong, because it is the legal state army, _ ab initio _ . Which means the media are lying. But why? Some people say it's because of stupidity. Firstly, the editors are intelligent people. Secondly, how can we call it ‘lying by stupidity’ when it clearly fits with the American strategy in the territory of Ukraine. Their objective is perma-war. When they say that on the one hand there is the Ukrainian Army, the Ukrainian Government (as they call them), and on the other hand there are the illegal - even the nice word ‘militia’, which they use, then in essence, having called one side the ‘Ukrainian Army’, they allow the other side to be seen as ‘separatists’. That's the subtext. In essence, by presenting false information, the major state media are establishing a false context, which is precisely integrated into the American plan. That is the proof that our media is working for the Americans. They won't make a frontal attack, saying “Putin – bad”. But they form a public opinion of the situation, which is distorted by lies. Because their job is to organize perma-war: to have a million people killed. They are executing American orders. By lies. That's the logic.We are a historical movement, i.e. we read history. We know that while the fifth column is in power, national liberation is not possible, or even survival of the nation in critical situations. When the situation is not critical, survival is possible, albeit with losses. But when it's critical, as now: war, invasion, sanctions - survival is not possible. It will definitely mean destruction of the Russian nation. The method of ‘orange invasion’ is happening now via the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Industry, and so on. It's the technology for strangling the Russian economy, which is being effected here by the consulting firm Oliver Wyman, on the command of the United States of America.

In such situations Russia has always carried out a purge. Always reluctantly, because it's high-ranking people who have to be purged. Same when the Trotskyites were being purged – it was done reluctantly, because they were big bosses. But otherwise you won't survive. Like when the hand is rotting – if you don't cut it off, the whole body will be destroyed by the rot. So some unpopular decisions have to be made – otherwise you won't survive. We have to understand that the fifth column in the government isn't just causing damage: they have now fully revealed themselves. They have stupidly switched to the tactic of fully destroying the country, – moreover, in the near future. Whereas previously we were trying to win them over, to persuade them, now we have to cut them off, as has always been the case. This is not a new method. It's the method which Russia has always used in analogous situations. So the conclusion is that it doesn't matter whether Putin wants to do this or not. What matters is that Russia is moving in this direction, having gotten up on her feet to defend herself and decided not to surrender, like Ukraine did. Which means this will inevitably lead to a purge. So when do you think it will happen?

You're asking me? Don't know.

When it comes to the crunch. When the dead-end becomes obvious. When people are not getting paid, production is falling, and businesses are crying out, because the Central Bank and MinFin cuts them off from oxygen. This will create the conditions in which the nationally-orientated part of the Russian ‘elite’ (I don't like that word) decides to.... Look, in Ukraine they were crushed immediately. But in Russia there is still a few of them (the minority) around Putin. The time will come when this group seizes power. The National Liberation Movement (NLM) now has a very clear job to do – to seize power within the country for a specific group of people around Putin, for the purpose of eliminating the fifth column and liberating the nation. It's obviously what needs to be done. Next we wait for circumstances to force the big bosses (some of them) to realize that they have to align themselves with that decision.

But if the fifth column is stronger, then the big bosses will back them instead, in order to remain the big bosses.

No, they won't be the bosses any more. Because in Russia the split has already taken place. There's no going back. A couple of months ago Russia could have simply surrendered, like Ukraine had done, as we have been discussing. But today we can see that it didn't happen. Which means there is already a group. Of course they could still be crushed, along with Putin, there could be an attempted terrorist act against Putin. This is all possible. But unlikely to succeed. Because Putin is preparing for it. An organic split within the government is already forming. Unfortunately, the people are not making a noise, except NLM, meaning they haven't chosen sides yet. But in the government a split is forming. The split will lead to a part being cut out, i.e. a purge. which has happened many times in the history of Russia (and not only). This is the technology, it's nothing personal. They are good people. Many of them are relatives of each other. But it's like in a civil war: brother vs brother. Such is the split. We're waiting for it to become formalized. The job of NLM today (National Liberation Movement) has become highly intellectual. We are giving out lists for the purge – objective lists. We specifically emphasize that it is nothing personal. We define a methodology, publish it on our portals. People can check the boxes to automatically determine who is in the fifth column in Russia. It's based on what position they have taken, not on the opinion of this or that person.

A kind of “5th column assessment card”?

Yes. It's a formula, where you fill in ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘z’, and it tells you about ‘Ivanov’, ‘Petrov’, etc. Why are we doing this? So that when the purge axe begins to swing, it will be done professionally.

Rather than a rake.

Right. We don't want rakes. We're doing this now to be prepared beforehand. But the main thing is that we're drawing up an economic program. Let's return to the statement by David Cameron that he would “permanently damage Russia's economy”. Who is Cameron? England. What is England these days? London and that's all.

But London has a lot of power.

Hang on a sec – ‘power’. Back in the day, when they said to Stalin, “you know about the Vatican?”, he said: “how many divisions have they got?”.

He was joking.

I know, but in every joke there's an element of truth. Every economy, like every human, has a _ material _ basis. London has zero. They even liquidated their coal-mining industry, which they had. The material basis of London is – zero.

It's the capital of the British empire.

OK. They're slave-traders. They live at other people's expense. It's a colonial empire. In London itself, as in England – zero.

They do have an oil industry.

They ain't got nothing. Well, they might have some skilled workers. But it's so little that you can consider it zero. They make money on other people. They live like parasites. Not for nothing Putin called them ‘parasites’, remember?

They have admiralty law, banking industry, etc.

Pound sterling, in union with the American dollar, i.e. the mechanism for collecting tributes. Here the Central Bank deducts 10% annually as the colonial tax to England. That's _ our _ Central Bank. Not only the Dollars and Euros, but also the Pounds are pouring in, as a mechanism of collecting tributes. I.e. they live at other people's expense. In China, India, and so on – same story. That is, they live as parasites, as Putin called them. He selected the absolutely correct term. So these parasites, sitting at liberty – this fly – they are declaring, “we will destroy you”– Russia – which has one third of the world's wealth. Zero is saying “we will destroy you”. It demonstrates the total idiocy of the economic policy of _ our _ government, who are supposedly building this country's economy. We are the richest country in the world. We have the greatest potential. I guess even a child in upper school would understand that promissory notes issued by Pete will cost a lot, if he's a rich guy with lots of property, while promissory notes issued by Basil, who's homeless and possessionless, are worthless. You get it? So now English Zero is issuing several times more promissory notes than Russia. Moreover, the Russian promissory notes are not pegged to the economy, they're pegged to the Dollar and to that Pound Sterling. And Russia, the richest country in the world, gets the middle finger with regard to its ability to rely on its own economy. You see what the issue is? It's about the rules. Our Central Bank, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economics, are driving us along the road to destruction of the Russian economy, because they are executing the orders of Washington and London. This system of administration has to be cut off. We need to return to a classic economy: golden Rouble, economic Rouble, nationalization of the Rouble. It can be done in one day. Look at Germany, France, Italy, England - they live with 0% interest financing. At the ECB it's even negative. Despite the fact they haven't got damn all, excuse the expression. While we, with the richest resources in the world, have an economic model that is not at all based on those resources. If we tell England where to go – they're finished. But that has to be done professionally. What does that mean? – Nationalize the Rouble; Discontinue the practice of currency reserves; Conduct accelerated de-offshoring, as Putin calls it. That means freezing the assets of those who don't want to de-offshore. Which means all of the major foreign-owned businesses in Russia, apart from those who have already rapidly de-offshored. Recall that Putin has been trying to achieve de-offshoring for years. Last week alone a few Russian corporations de-offshored under the pressure of sanctions. So once it starts hurting, then they are willing to act, right?

If it's hurting, then anything is possible.

So this pain needs to be felt by all of them. Here how it works: A court declares you to be the Russian owner of some Russian assets, without the subsidiaries and complex chain of administration via Gibraltar, Cyprus and so on. This is the law which is being prepared by the parliamentary group “Russian Sovereignty”. We recognize that the purge will begin and that we need to provide ideas, systems and people to the economic administration. That's what we're doing now. It doesn't involve ejecting people. We don't intend to remove Alexey Simanovsky from the Central Bank. We are confident that he will be chased out with sticks when he severely damages the interests of not only the population, most of whom couldn't care less, but the interests of those in the elite who have chosen the national path, literally in the last few days. Those people will seize power via Putin and introduce the reforms we're talking about in the direction of nationalization.

A number of questions following your long and interesting speech. Firstly, why do you say that Russia was ready to surrender two months ago? What exactly was happening two months ago?

We could see the wavering – to surrender or not to surrender.

Who was wavering?

Let's say it was the Russian Politburo who were wavering: the oligarchs, the top chiefs in the country. For example, remember Valentina suddenly starting saying: “We'll have the sanctions for a couple of months – in the meantime we'll make a deal”.

Valentina Matvienko?

Yes. Well that's an example of this ‘split’, so to speak, in which Putin distinctly chose the path of sovereignty. Not the path of lying down before the Americans, which, by the way, would have led to his departure, by the mechanism, which, if anyone wants to look at the analysis, was set out by the US Ambassador in Russia John Tefft, when he was being appointed by the US Congress two months ago. He said clearly, “We're going to force out Putin and appoint our people as the leader of the government (he even named the person) and the ministers”. This was the scenario in Kiev: they approached Yanukovych and said, “Appoint Yatsenuk”. So it is here. They wanted to approach Putin and say, “Appoint such-and-such a person, we've written it all for you”. Then, having him surrounded, they do a ‘one-two’: kick him out after half a year or a year by means of a coup d´état prepared by these people, whom he himself had formally appointed under pressure from the US. That's the technology, which they have developed. However, that technology was repulsed; a split in the elite occurred. Putin gathered the Deputies in Yalta and looked each of them in the eye, to ensure they wouldn't get cold feet. Notice that all parliamentary groups were included. And being thus strengthened, technologically, he made his decision. This decision pre-determines the subsequent events. Next has come into effect the logic of a state of emergency, or a geo-political war, while we are being put under pressure. What this means is that the Americans now cannot ease off on the pressure, while we are just glad about the pressure, because technologically it forces us into national liberation. For example, with the de-offshoring: for many years we were unable to achieve de-offshoring, but American pressure got it done in one day.

Not entirely, but somewhat.

I know, it's only part of it. But this part represents the future system. That is, either this part will be eliminated along with Putin, primarily by the fifth column (why do you think we raised the issue of Beeline, Megafon, MTS and others). Or else those assets in Russia will be frozen, meaning confiscated and transferred under ‘mandatory de-offshoring’. Maybe the term ‘mandatory de-offshoring’ sounds softer than ‘frozen’ and some people will prefer it. In essence, it's the same thing.

So this split in the elite occurred two months ago when part of the elite decided to stay with Putin.

Right. And that was evident from the words of Valentina at the pivotal moment of the decision on Ukraine. Next, the Americans attempted to break the situation using the Boeing incident. But failed. On the contrary, the national path began to strengthen. At this point it was clear to all, that: either Putin will be going to the Hague, along with tens of thousands more people, where the Americans will conduct a forceful trial, leading to the destruction of Russia and the elimination of the Russian population; or else there will form a system of resistance to the foreign invasion, which is what indeed is happening. Also, it is not necessarily Putin who is rushing in this direction. A dynamic has now begun, which pushes him in that direction. Having said ‘A’, he then has to say ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, and so on. Which are the letters in this formula, we already know from history – purge; building a national economy; industrialization, which for us, you notice, has always happened in the most difficult situations. Industrialization in Russia always happened under external pressure. Industrialization means low interest rates and launching the national economy. Right now you could grab any entrepreneur and ask: “How many projects have you got lined up?”He'll say “10-20”. And you say, “Well, why are you not doing them? You're not building factories?”He'll say “Because I don't have the money”. This is the issue about the Central Bank, which won't allow the money to be lent to him. As soon as the Central Bank and the Rouble are nationalized, this entrepreneur will get, obviously with the proper credit and security, any amount of money to carry out these 5, 10, 20 projects. This means jobs, economic growth, industrialization.

One of our narrators made an interesting analogy of the Central Bank. He said it's a bag of money located outside the country, with the neck being squeezed by the CB.}}Absolutely right. Because under the Constitution the Central Bank works for a foreign state. We already talked about them. That's why it's an issue for the liberation movement – there's got to be a referendum on it. What's important for me is what path Russia will take now, and how this technology will...Let's put it on paper: 1. A split in the government, 2. Identify the fifth column in the government, in business, in the media, 3. Purge (these elements will happen in stages according to the unfolding events), 4. An active position on Ukraine in parallel, as Ukraine and Russia are one and the same. That's why Putin said “one people”. Notice that no-one is repeating his words – because it's forbidden. But with those words he defined his position and Russia's strategy. For that alone the Americans would bring him to the Hague. The processes have begun, which organically will progress along this historical path. I think that 3/4 of the economy will be subject to mandatory de-offshoring and purging. It's going to be a massive phenomenon, not just someone making a noise. It will all begin with certain mechanisms like nationalization of the Central Bank. Possibly, the technology will be introduced under special powers of Putin in a critical situation – when there is great necessity. That necessity doesn't have to be far off – it could be this very winter, because the Americans are charging with frightful force. Conditions will soon form for this process, i.e. purge, mandatory de-offshoring, and all the rest.

So the split in the ruling elite, among the entrepreneurs of the ruling stratum came about not because of influence from the people below, but because some of them realized that they won't survive in this American world.

For a very simple reason. Let me explain: Yanukovych was able to flee – to Moscow, to ‘Rublevka’. However, after the elimination of the Russian state there will be nowhere to run to. The Americans are not going to save anyone. That was demonstrated by the example of Firtash. They only need oligarchs while Russia is a problem for them, which they intend to solve by dissolution of the state. After that they will re-locate the oligarchs, take away their property, and construct an absolutely brutal, not just colonial, but enslaved world.

That's what they have begun to understand?

Some have begun to understand. Look, someone makes a decision not only intellectually, but also based on what's behind them. It they have options of retreat, then very often their decisions will be on the principle of avoiding conflict; retreating. But here there is no option of retreat. We’re all in the same boat. When the Americans dissolve the Russian state, they won't allow any oligarchs to remain, even the loyal ones, who served them. That's what everyone now understands. Next it's just a question of the technology – when the system will come around to this decision, when Putin will get the revolutionary authority for a purge. That's a power he doesn't have, I have to emphasize. It wouldn't be constitutional. We're talking about an act directly contradicting the Constitution. Meaning: to do this, he has to step outside the Constitutional framework under some pretext. I think it will be legalized under some law which will be passed by the Duma, giving him special powers. Or else there could be a referendum, in which the people give him those powers, and so on. That's just the technical side of the issue. A person in mortal danger could, of course, continue wearing his bow-tie and tuxedo. Or he could decide, ‘to hell with it’ and wade through the muck in order to get out of danger. That's the situation here: it has to be done, the decision has to be made. Then the question is simply, “Will you make this decision a bit earlier? Or wait until they start clubbing you on the head?”. That's all.

Given mass-media like ours, it will be later. You know, I have been interviewing you since 2012.

Artëm, that's why we say there will be a timeline. The Patriotic War went on for four years. On this timeline there is a process, leading to a point where interests meet. ( _ Draws a graphic showing two crossing lines _ ). The point where those lines cross, where the interests meet, has begun to form. There is no doubt this point will come. That's where the purge happens.

What do those lines represent?

It's the lines of awareness: One line is the ‘club’ ( _ which is going to hit you _ ). The other is common sense, the ‘wisdom’ line. If you are a bit smarter, then your ‘wisdom line’ rises here, so the crossing point comes earlier. If you are a bit thicker, then the crossing point comes not after two strikes of the club (I'm dramatizing here) but later, after five strikes. But it will still come.

Five strikes will smash your skull.

Then the question is, “Will the Russian nation survive?”. I think it will, because the current events are no worse than, say, the Great Patriotic War, or 1812, or 1612 in particular. It's not the first time we face this choice. On previous occasions the Russian nation made the decision. That's what's happening now. This is what's called the ‘Russian miracle’ – when the enemy, according to their observations, are counting on a certain behavior: ‘colossus with feet of clay’. And people behave differently than expected, not like Europeans, and don't surrender their towns. Remember Petersburg was surrounded, but didn't surrender. For a European mind they should have surrendered, i.e. “the enemy has surrounded you, you're under blockade, cannons are firing, so that's it – now surrender!”. The fired at Donbass, killed 10,000 or 20,000 people – “now surrender!”Question: Why are the residents of Donbass not surrendering?

Don't know.

From a European's perspective they should have handed over the keys long ago. That's the ‘Russian miracle’.

Our people have always been ... Was it Bismarck or Karl XII, one of those European conquerers, who said, “It's not enough to kill a Russian solder, you need to overthrow him” (Friedrich II, after the Battle of Zorndorf, 1758).

Correct. That's the Russian people.

But that's in open combat. We fight when we know who we're fighting against. We went into the Great Patriotic War, the Second World War, against a specific enemy standing before us.

That's exactly where Hitler made a mistake by attacking the Soviet Union. And Obama, the Germans, the English, by attacking Russia via Ukraine in February 2014. That was the mistake.

Many still don't understand that it's a war against the Americans.

I know they don't understand. Do you think they understood in 1812, when everyone was speaking French?

Everyone was to be hanged.

Nevertheless, the people managed to make sense of the situation, albeit killing some of their own, but they kicked out the invader, right?

There's a big question about that '12 war.

Artëm, we're talking about the historical formula. The situation here is exactly the same. People in Donbass have not simply surrendered in order to stay alive, even though the propaganda is telling them: “Come on now, surrender. We are a good, civilized, Ukrainian European nation.”. Instead they are fighting to the death. That's the ‘Russian miracle’. A German or French wouldn't do that. That's why a German, French or American, having attacked Ukraine, can't understand why people in Donbass are holding out to the death. It contradicts their logic, their common sense, that's why they can't understand it. The most important thing someone has is life, yet they are willing to expend it rather than be subordinated to some power. That's how the ‘Russian miracle’ works, and they can't understand it. It was what won the Great Patriotic War and all the other patriotic wars. Now it is winning in Ukraine, despite the betrayal from Moscow, the work of the fifth column, the real blockade of the resistance movement by Russia – meaning the fifth column, and so on. Despite these problems, the Russian spirit is rising. Why was Strelkov removed? Because his objective was ‘Kiev’. And what next? – ‘Moscow’ On his tanks it said: “To Kiev”. But a space was left below for “To Moscow”. But he is not alone. He is a manifestation of the Russian spirit.

There is news that four armed NATO ships will enter the Black Sea by 7th September. It's an American destroyer, a French ship, a Canadian and a Spanish one. It's not enough for just the Americans to sail there. Now all NATO is coming to us.

Of course. And they're conducting exercises there - with thousands of NATO soldiers on the territory of Ukraine. We know that the Americans and NATO are working according to their own algorithms. They're trying to intimidate us. They're trying to say, “Look, guys, you should fear us and therefore surrender.”. That's their logic. What they don't understand is that a psychological shift has taken place: further pressure will only strengthen the national liberation battle in Russia, i.e. there will be not only 150,000 activists, but more and more will join up, including members of the elite, and big chiefs. They simply can't understand that. What's happening is the opposite mechanism: they try to intimidate people, but the result is the opposite. Let's be frank. I liked how journalists in America understood what Putin had said. Psaki, however, didn't get it. Putin said that Russia has nuclear weapons and, at that, the most powerful ones, He addressed that remark to those who have entered the Black Sea. And it's a fact: the nuclear umbrella. It's possible for the US to use military means to solve their problem in China, but not in Russia. Consequently, their only option is an Orange Revolution. Which they had already understood. A military invasion, like in Iraq or wherever, is not possible. But there's another aspect. The arrival of official NATO forces in the occupied territory of Ukraine under the guise of exercise, what will that mean at this juncture?

That enemy soldiers have arrived and disembarked.

Which gives the right to conduct a partisan war. Remember you said people will only pay attention when they face an armed enemy.

Yes. Then it is obvious.

What will happen, for example, if 100 of these thousand or five thousand NATO soldiers get killed by partisan actions?

I think NATO will take some specific measures.

What measures?

Increase the pressure, undertake counter-insurgency.

What do you mean increase pressure, counter-insurgency? You think NATO will start a counter-insurgency operation after losing 100 people?

Why not?

All the while increasing the ranks of the supporters of liberation in the territory of Ukraine by millions more people?

You said yourself, that they are increasing the force. Force can only be met with force.

Artëm, what you said was right: once we're talking about force, we are stronger. We have the trump cards. Not because of super-weapons, but because of our spirit. Although nuclear weapons are a super-weapon, of course. No wonder the Americans spent three years trying to eliminate Russia's nuclear weapons, and almost succeeded (I know, having worked in the Ministry of Atomic Energy). In any case, they managed to get 2/3 of Russia's nuclear material removed from the country. Because they understood. And now, having failed to solve that problem, not least because Putin out-maneuvered them, when they were trying to do that at the beginning of the 2000s, they have gotten caught in the trap of this historical process. So if the situation in Ukraine moves to the next military phase, then, considering the material nature of Russia's economy, it will be a complete and rapid catastrophe for the American uni-polar world. It won't be just 50 or even 100 soldiers dying. Let's say, theoretically, NATO sends in troops. Those soldiers will start dying and after just one week they will be saying, “we don't want this”.

Why should they die?

NATO soldiers will say: “Our mentality is different, we don't fight against strength”. Then it's over. That's the scenario of the liberation process, both in terms of strength, and the future world configuration, which the Yalta Conference was about, after Russia's victory and the restoration of her sovereignty. ( _ Rubs hands together _ ) So guys, NATO soldiers, we're waiting for you!

So you think that's actually good.

We're really looking forward to you guys coming.

But it's still a certain pressure on us.

The pressure is not directed at _ us _ . It's directed at mobilizing the fifth column, which in a European country would lead to their victory, but in Russia – to their elimination.

We still need to know who are the fifth column here, who are not, how they are kept on a leash.

We will document it, don't worry. The lists will be there when needed. For now we are publishing the formula, by which anyone can work out, who is the fifth column and who is not.

On the website ?

Yes. On the website and on the portal of the National Liberation Movement will be a special section for establishing the list of _ mechanisms _ . We don't support publishing lists of names, because the system is more important than the person. It doesn't matter how many times you replace Livanov with new ministers, because under the current system every new minister will be more hostile to the nation-state.

OK. So you're providing a system of assessment. I saw that a link has appeared, ‘Fifth column’, but there's nothing there yet.

We're working on the issue. It's important to do this correctly, because at the end of the day it will determine people's fate.

OK, good. Thanks for talking to us.

Thank you